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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paranormal Readers Take Note

Are there any paranormal readers in the house? If so, you're in for a treat. Let's welcome paranormal author Liz Strange.

1.Liz, tell us a little about yourself and your writing.

I am a single mother of four, living in the beautiful city of Kingston, Ontario. By day I work as a secretary at a local hospital, and by night I write about all things fantastic, frightening and paranormal. I enjoy reading mysteries, paranormal romance, fantasy and horror.

2.Your upcoming release is a paranormal romance. What attracted you to this genre?

I love having a few scares in my romances, and I am a nut for anything about vampires. So I thought I’d try and combine some of my favourite genres into one series, and hopefully the end result is enjoyable for the reader.

3.Okay, I can't resist. As a paranormal writer are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Edward of course! I’m not a big fan of werewolves or shifters.

4.How did you celebrate your first contract offer?

First thing I did was jump out of my seat and screech. Then I took my kids out for dinner.

5.What is your favorite scene from your new book?

My favourite scene is the main character’s change. I love how sensual and yet still cringe-worthy it turned out!

6.If you could meet any author in the world who would it be? Why?

Oh, that’s a hard one. From the past I’d have to go with Oscar Wilde, since he was such a character and entertainer. In the modern day I’d love to chat with Anne Rice, Clive Barker, Tanya Huff or Sue Grafton.

7.Where can we find you on the web?

You can check out my website at:
Author Profile:
The Dark Kiss Trilogy Fanpage:!/liz.strange?ref=profile

8.Would you share an excerpt from your book with us? Be sure to tell us where we can buy it.

The book will be available as an an e-book on March 15th and in print July 1st. It will be available through the publisher at : and will be on Amazon, many other sites and in bookstores.

Here’s a small excerpt:

He looked back to my solemn face. “We shouldn’t feed here.”

“I don’t want to feed yet,” I said. “I want you.”

With smooth, feline grace he came to the bed, his coat dropping to the floor. Slowly he removed his clothing until he was standing completely naked before me. I wrapped my arms around his waist, and licked along his bare stomach. His hands found my arms, and he gently raised me to my feet. Slowly, teasingly he removed my clothing, kissing me deeply between each item. By the time I was undressed I was shaking with need. I throbbed with the desire to have him inside me.

We fell back against the bare mattress, with no need for words. His urgency met mine as he pushed himself inside my body. I cried out. He took his time, savouring each kiss, each thrust. This time there was no violence, no painful memories to flash over my pleasure. We were lost to each other. I drank in ecstasy from his body, and love and desire from his mind. It was a connection so intensely intimate and primal I knew there could only ever be him.

Thanks for stopping by, Liz. Your book sounds perfect.


Anonymous said...

人生的價值以及他的快樂,都在於他有能力看重自己的生存 ..................................................

Amy J Ramsey said...

Hi Liz,
Your book sounds yummy!
Elaine, you did a wonderful interview.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thanks, Amy. All compliments are appreciated. :)