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Sunday, October 10, 2010

His Hotness

Hmm. I do like the title of Pamela Hearon's new book, don't you? His Hotness. Pamela, welcome to the blog. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a Southerner, born and raised in Kentucky. Though I live in the Midwest now, I’m still a blood-runs-blue UK basketball fan. Before writing full-time, I was an educator with several different positions through the years, including guidance counselor and English teacher. I’m married with three children. We have a motorhome, so I love to travel and love that I can write while we travel. When I’m not writing, I enjoy gardening and reading. I’m an avowed cat person and Francophile.

I'm a teacher too, but I have four more years before I retire. I'm a cat person too. What did you hope to accomplish with your books?

I wanted to draw my readers into my world and make them believe my characters are their best friends.

What is the greatest test you ever faced as a writer?

My first book was under contract with a company that filed for bankruptcy. Thank heavens, nothing had been done with my story, and, although it took a year to do it, I got my rights back. After that, I was very “gun-shy” of publishers for a while. I’ve got to say the greatest test I ever faced as a writer was finding the courage to place my “baby” into another publisher’s hands.

The same thing happened to me, but the publisher did it with style, and I didn't go through the aggravation you did. What’s the best advice you ever got about the publishing industry?

If you can walk away from this business, do it. It’s not for the faint-of-heart or anyone who doesn’t sport the hide of a rhinoceros. Rejections are an everyday occurrence, and you can’t sit around and nurse your wounds for very long. The only way to get published is to keep putting yourself out there. And after you get published, there is constant public scrutiny of your work. Some will like it; some won’t. Write what makes you happy, and let that expression fulfill your dreams.

Very well said! If you could meet two authors, which ones would you pick and why?

Anne Frank and Diana Gabaldon. Anne Frank because I taught about her and her diary for so many years, I feel as though she’s an old friend. I would love to let her know that her courageous story still touches the hearts of people everywhere, old and young alike. Diana Gabaldon because her Outlander series has provided me with hours upon hours of scintillating reading, and I would love to say thanks for that to her in-person.

Could you share your links with us?

My website:
My publishers: (His Hotness—a romantic comedy) (The Timestone Key—a romantic Arthurian fantasy)

We’d love to read an excerpt. Be sure to give us a buy link.

Here’s the opening of my romantic comedy, His Hotness, which can be found here:

His Hotness (Excerpt)

“What you need, Chickie-boom, is a good old-fashioned, head-banging, sheet-fisting, toe-curling orgasm.” Gram snatched up the journal with the worn, floral cover and waved it toward the nightstand. “And by old-fashioned, I mean one that involves a man, not one that requires a battery-pack and a warranty.”

Jade closed her laptop on the Regency she was editing. “What I need is a job with a great publisher, so I can quit sponging off my precious-but-nosey grandmother.”

With her toe, she nudged her closet door closed before Gram could see the empty spaces that once housed her vast collection of Pradas and Guccis. She slid the check from the consignment shop into her desk drawer and raised a questioning eyebrow toward Gram. “How did you know where I keep my, um, toys?”

Gram shrugged. “Lucky guess. And it’s the same place I keep mine.”

Pamela, I feel sure readers will like Gram. Good luck with the book.


Caroline Clemmons said...

Lovely interview. I will share with you that I met Diana Gabaldon ten years ago at a Fort Worth writers conference. She is delightful, funny, and must have an IQ to put any Mensa member to shame. I hope you get to meet her. She is even nicer than you can imagine as well as beautiful. In fact, if she weren't so darn nice, I'd hate her. LOL

Margaret Tanner said...

Great interview Pamela,
I can relate to a publisher going out of business. That happened to me too, two of my books had actually bene published but they did return my copyright without any fuss.