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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome Becca Dale

My guest today is Becca Dale. Becca, thanks for coming, and if you would tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a country girl born and raised. My quiet upbringing has a strong influence on my writing. Consequently, my heroes tend to be a little rough around the edges. I don’t think I could write a polished, cultured man if I tried. Not sure I could write a woman like that either for that matter. I am married with two grown children, and I find elements of the three of them appearing in my characters as well. If I had to describe myself beyond my family, I would say I am the woman next door. As a teacher, an editor, and a writer, I sometimes meet myself coming and going, but that is typical in today’s world.

How about that? I'm a teach myself. I know what you mean about meeting yourself coming and going. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Honestly, Elaine, I think I was born this way. I remember making up stories as my sister and I played dolls that were pretty elaborate for my age. I used to create romantic tales for my girlfriends in middle school. I even wrote ghost stories for my children and their friends. From childish fantasies to teenage angst, I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t writing.

I think you're right. Love of writing is in the blood. How long did you write before you got published?

I was in my thirties before I was brave enough to send anything to publishers. Then I found out I was doing everything wrong. There’s a big difference between creating stories to be told and ones to be read. It took me almost five years between the first time I wrote The End and the day my first contract arrived. Some of those years were wasted in feeling bad about myself. Most of them were used to find out what I was doing wrong and finding out how to fix it.

Smart girl. What is your favorite scene from you latest book?

I write fairly hot romance so one would think it would be an intimate scene, but that’s not it. I love moments that highlight a character’s vulnerable side or offer a peek at humor. In Kya’s King it would be when Kya is working on her wildcat without anesthesia. She is scared but can still laugh at herself. In Jingle All the Way it would be the moment that Burk finds what he didn’t know he needed at the core of a family hug. It is a very sweet scene.

Working on her wildcat? Sounds very intriguing. What advice would you give to new authors?

Find out what editors/publishers expect. Read your favorite authors and study the scenes that suck you in. What do they do that makes their work speak to you? I am not saying copy their style, just be aware. Are the five senses involved in the majority of the scenes? Is the point of view stable? Does every scene add to the overall story? Also, study your craft, join writers’ groups, find critique partners, and write, write, write.

That's very good advice. Would you share your links with us?

I would love to Elaine. I adore hearing from readers and fellow authors. I am easy to find.

Stop by my blog Becca’s Retreat
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We’d love to read an excerpt. Be sure to give us a buy link.

This is the scene I mentioned above from Kya’s King. Thanks so much for having me here today, Elaine. It has been fun.

Help me.

The voice from her dream floated from the cage. Malachi’s eyes held hers without wavering. Hannah looked around for someone playing tricks on her, but the night remained still, eerily quiet as it had been every night since the big cat arrived. “Who’s out there?” No one answered her call. She strained to see beyond the dim circle of the yard light. Nothing moved.

Help me, Hannah.

Fear edged its way into her thoughts. Unconsciously, she slid toward the big cat to protect him. Her hand brushed the back of his massive paw. Malachi did not move. She crawled a little closer. The putrid smell of infection drifted from his open sore. “Do you trust me, Malachi?”

He lay still as she reached carefully through the bars and patted his neck gently. With a shaky laugh, she pulled her hand back glad it remained on the end of her arm.
“Maybe we should try this alone, you and I, huh?” She considered the insanity of the idea only a moment before she ran to the medical lab and gathered the necessary equipment. She had never treated an animal by herself but had assisted Harry often enough to feel confident in what she was doing.

Within moments she stood outside Malachi’s cage once more. The cat lay as she had left him. On her knees so as not to frighten him, Hannah inched across the safety line and sat next to the animal’s outstretched paw. She readied the antiseptic on a clean cloth and laid out bandages and antimicrobial solution. “Are you ready for this?” With a shaky smile, she gently patted his leg. “I hope so because I’m not sure I am.” Her hand shook as she picked up the cloth. “Don’t eat me, okay?”

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Info Link for Jingle All the Way Available November 5

Nice excerpt, Becca. Come back and see us again.


Debra St. John said...

Hi Becca,

I, too, love heroes who are a little rough around the edges.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Me too, Debra. Lots of mine are.

Terra said...

Hi Becca,

I came over from LRC to read your interview and check out your books and your web site. Love the Excerpt from your book and would love to read it so I have added it to my wish list.


Cynthia said...

Good cliff hangar stopping point there.I assume she wasn't eaten. ;-)