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Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh No! I Need a Bathing Suit.

So, it’s almost time to break out our swimsuits and hit the beach for carefree days of sun, surf, and sand. What a shame that some of us-yeah, I’m talking about myself- put on a few pounds over the winter. I don’t think I can get them off in time for swimsuit season.  No problem. According to Glamour Magazine it’s easy to disguise those problem areas with a little ruching. It will slim you instantly. Just find a suit with ruching in the problem area. Okay, I went looking, and I like these three plus a forth without ruching.
Not bad is it? I've gained the weight in my tummy so maybe the ruching will disguise it.  This one isn't available anymore, but it's a great example of the concept.

This suit comes from Belks. It has ruching everywhere too. It's also black which might minimize any little ice cream cones or brownies that got stuck on your stomach. Buy it at for $65.80

This retro tankini has ruching as well as tummy control panels, and I think the colored panel against the black will fool the eye about the width of your hips. The top itself is $95 with another $48 for the bottom.  Buy it at

This is another excellent choice. It's back on the bottom which is good for those with big hips. It's lighter on top which will also minimize hips, and the skirted styles always make people look smaller.  Buy it at Belks at for $69.30.

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