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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashionista Friday: Can You Guess

Some days just call for jeans, don’t they? I searched for an outfit I liked, and I found one for only $1175. Yikes! Too much for me. So, I searched for a second outfit like the first one but with a price tag of only $135. Can you tell which is which? Maybe, but remember, over a thousand for one, just over a hundred for the other. Without looking at the item sources, can you pick the thrifty one? I’ll tell you which is which at the end of the post.

plaid by epcantrell featuring hobo bags

Tailored shirt
$49 -

Deadly Ponies hobo bag
$500 -

Lisa Freede crystal jewelry

plaid 2

Okay, did you guess right? The second outfit is the inexpensive one. Are you going to buy it? It looks good to me.

I like the first one.

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