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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beyond the Book: Want to Win?

Hello, readers, my name is Marley Matthews.  My husband Rob and I are Elaine’s characters in her Christmas novella, The Table in the Window.  I’m feeling very generous today, so I think I’m going to give away a copy of our book.  To win the book, read the excerpt below and then answer the following question in the comments section.  That’s it.  (In case you were wondering, this was one of the worst moments of my life.)


What did I say when I took off Michael’s ring and slid it across the table?


His eyes briefly met hers before they slid away. “Yes, you do. I’m sorry, Marley, but I can’t marry you after all.”

Marley tried to speak and failed. What could she say anyway?  She couldn’t force him to marry her. 

“I tried not to care for Heather, but I couldn’t help myself. Her father is Milton Stuart. He’s the one who introduced us. You remember Milton. He’s the senior partner at Stuart, Byers, and Hayes. When I’m with her…” he paused. “I’m sorry.”

Marley took off his ring and slid it across the table without a word. He picked it up, tossed some money on the table, and strode out of the restaurant without a backward glance.

She watched him through the rain-streaked window as he waited for the light to change before he crossed the street. Above his head, a silver bell covered in holly tied with a red, plastic bow proclaimed the joys of the season. The light changed, and he was gone, no doubt to tell the mysterious Heather he was now a free man.


laura troxel said...

Marly didnt say anthing. Because there was nothing she could say to make him marry her.

Romance Reader Enthusiast said...

Marley didn't say a word.

Happy Holidays!

Mindy said...

Marley didn't say a word.

Merry Christmas to you and yours Elaine :)

Mindy :)

Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

Nothing...she didn't speak.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Sorry for the delay in announcing who won. My excuse is that it's Christmas. Mindy, my grandson picked you. I'll get that book to you right away.