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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mustang Kind of Girl

Mustang Kind of Girl

What’s your favorite car? Lexus? BMW? Jaguar? Ford? Jeep? There are lots of cars in the marketplace, but Liesel Wolf, heroine of Never Trust a Pretty Wolf, has a definite favorite. She’ll pick a Mustang every time, and if the Mustang should be a classic from the 1960’s, so much the better. You see, Liesel has a thing for fast muscle cars. (Yeah, I know Mustangs were mostly called Pony cars.)

You have to admit that the 1964 cars were beautiful. They were sporty and stylish with a galloping mustang logo, cool colors, and were powerful enough to move some of them into the muscle car category. They were affordable too which appealed to the young people.

Why does Liesel like fast Mustangs? Her father was a collector who shared his passion with his daughter. Her father’s gone now, but Liesel’s memories of good times together comfort her.

Liesel is a woman who could really use a good car. She’s running away from her husband who’s a major bad guy. In this excerpt, Liesel is on the run.

 The blue Mustang barreled down the interstate at ninety miles an hour. Why had she thought she could escape William’s reach? She didn’t know those men, but she knew plenty more just like them−cold, hardened killers who’d just as soon murder you as

look at you. William had surrounded himself with such men.


Liesel grimaced as a slow minivan blocked her way. Joseph knew the truth about William. Oh, he wasn’t any better than William, but he understood his son. Joseph hurt people or ordered hits as needed to further his ‘business’ dealings, but William killed

just for the enjoyment of it.


A chill seized her when she remembered the man who had kicked her. She hated him for what he had done, but at the end she had felt nothing but pity for him. When the courts refused to punish him, William had taken justice into his own hands. He had

apprehended the detective and taken him to a secluded warehouse. By the time William finished with him, she felt sure the man had wanted to die.


She had wondered why William insisted she take a ride with him that last afternoon. The doctor had told her to rest, but since she feared William she had gotten into the car with him. He had taken her to the abandoned building where the detective’s body lay. She had taken one look at him and lost her lunch.


“An eye for an eye, Liesel. We lost our baby, but he’s been punished. You can rest easy.”


She had wiped her mouth and ridden home with William, her flesh crawling with revulsion. As soon as she could get away from him, she had called Joseph. She could still remember every single word of their conversation.


“What can I do for you, Liesel?”


“William killed the detective.”


She had heard Joseph sigh. “I thought he might.”


“I want out.”


“Out of what?”


“My marriage. I know you didn’t want William to marry me, so you should be pleased with my decision. Make him let me go.”


“William doesn’t give up what belongs to him.”


“Joseph, make it happen. William is a sociopath. One day I’ll do something to tick him off, and he’ll kill me. Help me. I’m not pregnant now, so you won’t be losing a grandchild. Help me.”


A long silence had ensued. “All right, Liesel. I’ll try.”


She never knew what Joseph said to William, but two days later Joseph’s men packed everything she owned and drove her to the airport. “You’ll get your divorce papers in the mail,” they had said. “Sign them and return them. Mr. Wolf said you should keep a low profile for awhile. Don’t do anything that will bring you to William’s attention.”


She had disobeyed Joseph’s last order because her freedom had gone to her head. In her desire to win that money, she had put herself in harm’s way. If the Wolfs got wind that she had seen that body and been questioned by the police… no, that couldn’t happen. They imagined betrayal from every quarter, even a former wife. Especially a former wife.

Never Trust a Pretty Wolf is available at Amazon, B&N and most other retail outlets.

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