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Friday, October 24, 2014

Saturday Sample: Rest Thy Head

Welcome to Saturday Sample. My excerpt today comes from Rest Thy Head. In this excerpt, my hero makes a wrong assumption. Buy link:

The urge to hold her hit him with the force of a wrecking
ball. Unable to resist, he pulled her against him. His breath almost
left him when she hugged him back. For a brief moment, he
allowed himself to feel the warmth of her curvy body and bathe in
the feminine scent clinging to her, but almost immediately he
pulled out of her arms. “I’m okay. You don’t have to worry about

“Oh, but…”

He ran his hands through his hair and got to his feet.

“Jake, stop. We should talk…”

Without a word he left the tent with Peyton trailing along
behind him. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to her. As he
well knew, talking wouldn’t change a thing. His heart warmed as
everyone exclaimed and fussed over him. He had avoided people
for months, assuming his scars would frighten them, but none of
these people acted like his scars were a big deal.

For that matter neither had Andy. Somehow, since Peyton’s
arrival things had changed. He knew he still had his scars, but
maybe he shouldn’t see himself as a freak anymore. Naturally, he
wasn’t handsome like he used to be, but it didn’t seem to matter so
much now. Maybe…maybe a girl like Peyton wouldn’t…

No, forget about it. He had seen Patrick kiss her. Even if she
did agree to go out with him, he’d never betray Patrick. A brother
didn’t do a thing like that to a brother.

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