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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beyond the Book: Horses

Welcome to Beyond the Book, your chance to keep up with your favorite characters after the story ended. I'd like to introduce to Reggie, Peyton O'Malley's horse in Rest Thy Head. Reggie is a pinto, a brown and white spotted horse. She was named after a girl Jake went to high school with.

This is Jake's horse, Cinnamon who got his name because Jake thought he was the color of cinnamon.

Let's have a short excerpt from Rest Thy Head that features the horses. In this excerpt Peyton and Jake are taking a group of guests from Rest Thy Head on an overnight camping trip.

Jake guided his horse around a fallen tree limb, and everyone else fell in behind him. “I usually take ten, maybe one or two more to accommodate family groups, but this year nobody seemed too interested, which is surprising. We usually have to turn people away.”

Peyton growled at him and made his horse snort. “Maybe they all saw the bear that I saw. You won’t let it eat us, will you?”

Jake growled back. “There won’t be anything left of you for the bear to eat, missy, if you keep growling at me.”

Peyton put her hand over her heart and urged her horse away from him. “Let’s move, Reggie. I bet he eats horses too.” Reggie twitched an ear and pretended not to have heard. 

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