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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Beyond the Book: Cowgirls and Horses

In honor of my Rest Thy Head heroine Peyton O'Malley, I'm doing a series on American cowgirls. Peyton had never ridden a horse until she came to Rest Thy Head, but she loved it.  Here's her horse whose name is Reggie.

All cowgirls needed a horse, so here's two famous cowgirls with their horses.

Dale Evans had a horse named Buttermilk. Buttermilk was a buckskin quarter horse who was actually faster than Roy Roger's Trigger.  (Picture:

This last horse belonged to Connie Douglas Reeves who was thrown from Dr. Pepper when she was 101 years old. The horse was 28. She said she was glad he had remained so spirited. Connie was the first woman admitted to law school in Texas, but she had to drop out because of the Depression. She became a riding instructor, and spent the rest of her life around horses. Dr. Pepper looks a lot like Peyton's horse Reggie.  (Picture:


If you're interested in reading Rest Thy Head, it's on sale for only .99 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'd love for you to read it.

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