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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Sample

Welcome to Saturday Sample. For the past few weeks I've been sharing samples from Blue 52. So far we've learned that President Richard Lovinggood was murdered by his wife who then committed suicide. Their son Hank was raised by his grandfather Senator Henry Lovinggood. A new high speed train is coming through the cemetery where President Lovinggood is buried, and Hank has made plans to open the coffins so he can see his parents. My heroine Kathryn Sinclair was introduced last week. She's bringing a pizza to have lunch with her uncle who is a funeral home director. She's surprised to see so many cars bearing government license plates in the parking lot.

She tossed her sunglasses into the seat beside her and got out of the car. When she turned around, she saw four men walk around the side of the mortuary. One of the men carried an electronic tablet and looked as if he might be taking notes.

Kathryn took her pizza and skipped up the steps in time to meet two men dressed in well-tailored, conservative suits. They nodded as one of them held the door for her. It didn’t surprise her to see them get into one of the black sedans.

She waved to the receptionist and hurried down the hall, eager to eat that pizza before it got cold. The door to Uncle Ira’s office stood open. “Hey, who was that?” she called as she swung around the corner. “The guys in the suits.”

“Secret Service agents,” Ira answered as he took the pizza and kissed her cheek.

“Secret Service! What did they want?”

“They’re checking out the place so they can plan for security.” Ira almost vibrated with excitement. “Guess whose body will rest at Sinclair’s on November the twenty-third?”


“President Lovinggood.”

Kathryn grabbed the arms of the chair she had just taken to keep herself from jumping up and running to her car. “Everyone knows the bodies at Knollwood will have to be moved for the Flash Train, but why is the president’s body being brought here?” 

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Teresa Cypher said...

That is such a good book! :-)

FC Etier said...

I've missed a few snippets, are they exhuming the President's body?
The conspiracy theorists will be lined up at the door along with reporters from The Evening Star and National Enquirer!
Nice 8!