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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Sample: The Captain and the Cheerleader

Welcome to Saturday Sample. Today I'm continuing excerpts from The Captain and the Cheerleader. We've seen that Susan did get her date with Kurt, and he had arrived to take her to a party. When they arrived at the barn where the party was being held, Kurt gave their host the idea that he and Susan were in a relationship which made her angry, but she forgave him after he asked her to dance.And then they had some yummy punch to drink.

The band returned from a break and began a slow, sensuous song. “Danz with me?” Kurt invited. He held out his hand.

Susan giggled when his warm fingers closed around hers. How sweet that he had mispronounced the word dance. He led her to the dance floor where he put his arms around her and pulled her against him.

“You shouldn’t hold me so close,” Susan sighed. She laid her head on his shoulder and made no effort to move away from him.

Kurt dropped a kiss on her hair. “Mmm, you smell like flowers.” A pause. “Why shouldn’t I be so close? I like holdin’ you.”

“Because of the way you make me feel.” Susan giggled. “I can’t stop laughing.”

“I don’ see a problem.” 

Susan English can’t stand Robin Lanford! She’s so full of herself she irritates everyone on the faculty of Fairfield High. When Robin bets Susan fifty dollars that she can’t get a date with Kurt Deveraux, the head football coach, Susan jumps at the chance to put the little heifer in her place. She had no idea that teaching Robin a lesson would irrevocably change her life, strain treasured friendships, and throw two families into chaos.

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