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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Sample: Fortuna

Welcome to Saturday Sample. Today I'll still be posting from Fortuna my romantic comedy. So far we know that Rocky has faked his death to enter the witness protection program. This scene is at Rocky's fake funeral. Aimee just left the restroom and meets a scary man.

Aimee Sherwood never dreamed that following her fiancĂ© into the witness protection pro-gram would land her in a haunted house in a town that’s downright creepy. She’d have laughed if she had been told the guy who lives down the road might be her soul mate, not the man whose ring she’s wearing. Life in West Virginia is nothing like life in Los Angeles, but between bean ball battles with Marilyn Monroe, remodeling a crumbling farmhouse, and starting a new online business, life in the country is anything but boring. 

He reached for her hand and shook it before pulling her against him. “Please accept my condolences, Aimee. This must be a dreadful time for you.”

Aimee tried to tactfully pull away from him. Besides the fact that she didn’t want to touch him, his heavy cologne stifled her. He let her go, but he kept hold of her hand. Yuck. Could his hand be any clammier? “Thank you for coming. I know Rocky would appreciate it.”

He nodded as if her answer pleased him. “I hesitated to come here, even though I did want to pay my respects. Some people in LAWA think I was involved in Brady’s drug ring.”

Aimee swallowed hard. “Surely not. No one will blame you for what your brother did.”

Her heart pounded, her blood raced. She still remembered what good ole Dave the marshal had said. ‘The trial is over so there’s no reason to fear you’re going to testify against them, not that you knew anything anyway, but if Rocky is alive they might hurt you to get back at him. That’s another reason why he has to fake his death.’ 

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