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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beyond the Book: Purple Heart

Welcome to Beyond the Book. Today we'll continue with out excerpts from Purple Heart, my Wild Rose Press release. 


Jenna West has no idea what she might have done to her new tenant Mike Hightower. He's surly and hateful every single time they meet, and he looks at her as though he despises her.

He does despise her. She's from the Middle East, and people like her killed his friend Ramirez when the army sent them to Iraq.

Will the power of love work its magic to soften Mike's bitter hatred, or will he ignore his growing attraction for his pretty landlady?

Last Week:
 His mood darkened. He and Ramirez had visited a similar place when they went through boot camp together. If he lived to be a hundred, he’d never understand those Iraqis. If not for them and the other fanatics in the Middle East, Ramirez would still be alive. His heart burned with resentment. Ramirez was worth more than the whole dang country of Iraq, but thanks to those savages, Ramirez would never see his child grow up. He’d never hold his wife again, and he’d never thump a friend on the shoulder and tell fishing stories to him.

This week: Mike calls Jenna West.

Martha remembered Mike. “Hi. Welcome home.” 

“Thanks. You don’t know how good it is to be back.”

“I can imagine.”

“I hope you still make those great cheeseburgers.”

“If I tried to change them I think I’d get run out of 

Mike just laughed; everyone liked those burgers.

He finished his lunch and placed his call to Jenna 
West. It took her a minute to answer, and her voice sounded husky, kind of like she had just woken up. “Hello?”

“Hi, Ms. West, my name is Mike Hightower. I went to work for Taylor-Lord today, and I heard you have a place for rent. Is it still available?”

“Yes, it is. I’d love to show it to you if you don’t mind risking a virus. I’ve come down with something which is the reason I’m not at work today.”

“I’ll risk it.”

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