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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors: Turnaround Farm

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If up and coming realtor Holly Grant can buy Turnaround Farm for her client, her business will boom. Who says you have to have a man in your life to complete you? She’s fine as she is thank you very much. Her first problem is that Jeb Wakefield doesn’t want to sell his farm, and her second problem is Jeb’s grandson Dan, the finest looking man Holly’s ever seen. 

Excerpt: Chapter One
Last week

If the weather is that bad, I don’t want you out on the roads. I’m not willing to have anything happen to you just so these ladies can sleep in their own beds tonight. I’m sure we can make them comfortable.”

Dan looked ready to argue, but Holly didn’t give him a chance. “Thanks, Mr. Wakefield. We’d be happy to accept your hospitality. Maybe we can talk about my client’s new offer.”

Holly’s ready acceptance amused Jeb as much as Loretta’s feeble protestations. “We’ll see, but right now, Dan and I have to check on one of the horses. There’s plenty of stew and biscuits left so why don’t you and Miss Patterson sit down and have some dinner while Dan and I finish up outside?”

This Week: We begin where we left off last week. 


Charmaine Gordon said...

Dynamite, Elaine. You have the nack of making your stories fresh and new.

Veronica Scott said...

Dan might as well give up and admit his attraction because I'm sure Jeb won't stop pushing him. Enjoyed the excerpt!

Botanist said...

LOL! Talk about interfering parents!

Teresa Cypher said...

Dan is not a happy-camper right now. lol

Ed Hoornaert said...

He may have meant that as a dismissive comment, yet it just may contain a kernel of truth.

Amy Braun said...

I wonder how much truth is in that "yeah right..."

Diane Burton said...

Poor Dan. He can't escape--not the girls and not Jeb. Very realistic descriptions in the barn.

Unknown said...

Haha- an interesting evening ahead!