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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Beyond the Book; Snowed In

I imagine that the term ‘snowed in’ means different things to different people, depending on where you live. I live in South Carolina, which means that we don’t often get snow. But when we do everyone loses their mind. We all rush out for bread and milk, schools cancel classes, and everyone rushes out to buy either a generator or a kerosene heater in case the power goes out. 

That being said, I do remember one year when a tremendous snow hit upstate South Carolina, and we were snowed in. No traffic moved outside. We were all hunkered down inside keeping warm. And we had two children to entertain. 

The first thing we did was send them out to play for awhile, hoping they’d use up some of their energy. Then we collected clean snow to make snow ice cream. This all didn’t last as long as we hoped it would, but after they warmed up, the kids wanted to sled down the steep little hill in our side yard. We didn’t have a sled but we had a big tub that served the purpose. 

Finally Mom and Dad had had enough, and we made the kids come inside. They took a little nap, which was great, and when they got up we let them paint. We had a couple of those paint by number kits so we broke them out. The kids loved it. They had about as much luck as I used to when I painted them, which is to say not much, but they had a good time anyway.  (Do they still sell those kits? I haven’t used them in years.)

After we cleaned up we baked some sugar cookies. A few eggs hit the floor as well as some sugar and colored sprinkles, but everyone had a good time, and that was the important thing.

After dinner we all went to bed early. I think mom and dad needed an early night more than the kids did! What about you? What do you do when you’re snowed in?


Teresa Cypher said...

Sounds like you had such a fun time!

It takes a lot to get us snowed in. We usually have to busy ourselves with getting the lane cleared of the snow (3/4 of a mile long), and shovel paths around the house, dig the firewood pile out fromm beneath snow. Lots of extra chores. But then I get to read and do a whole bunch of nothing.

I'm more likely to get "iced in". I don't drive on ice. I will call off of work for that. Then I read, write, and enjoy being inside for the day. :-)

Elaine Cantrell said...

We seldom get either snow or ice, but when we do the entire town panics. The store always runs out of milk and bread, and most people are too fearful of driving in the snow to venture out.