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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday Sample and Weekend Writing Warriors: Purple Heart


Jenna West has no idea what she might have done to her new tenant Mike Hightower. He's surly and hateful every single time they meet, and he looks at her as though he despises her.
He does despise her. She's from the Middle East, and people like her killed his friend Ramirez when the army sent them to Iraq.

Will the power of love work its magic to soften Mike's bitter hatred, or will he ignore his growing attraction for his pretty landlady?

Last Week:

The men beside him each grabbed an arm and hauled him to his feet. “Move your feet, Hightower,” Ramirez snarled.

They had gone about ten yards when gunfire opened up behind them. Ramirez screamed, and Mike felt him go down. He tripped again but managed to hang on to his gun. “Shoot, Mike! Hostiles at ten o’clock!” Mason yelled.

Mike fired, but he must not have hit anything because seconds later a hot, boring pain almost tore off his shoulder. Blindly he fired into the dark, and moments later, his leg took fire.

Shots came from the street. 


Captain Perry yelled, “Hightower, Mason, hold your fire.”

Moments later Perry knelt beside Mike. “Where are you hit?”

“Shoulder and leg.”

“Sit tight. We’ll get a medic as quick as we can.” 

“What about Ramirez?”

“Sorry, he’s gone.”

As his anger built, Mike forgot about the pain in his 
shoulder and leg. Ramirez had been his friend. These people didn’t appreciate a thing that the United States was trying to do for them.


Teresa Cypher said...

I can't imagine the emotions, wrestling with the anger and the memories. And so many do.

Ed Hoornaert said...

Battlefield trauma, for sure.

Nancy Gideon said...

An intensely vivid scene. Makes you understand his raging emotions without having to accept them.

Jessica E. Subject said...

That is definitely a tough and emotional situation for anyone to be in.

Veronica Scott said...

Grim and gripping snippet today...

Shari Elder said...

Intense. Healing will be a long process. Great snippet.

Jenna said...

I can't imagine the pain, physical and emotional, he's going through right now. It's very natural for him to lash out. Great snippet!

Ornery Owl of Naughty Netherworld Press and Readers Roost (Not Charlotte) said...

This scene is a very realistic depiction of the horrors of war and the scars both mental and physical that many soldiers are left with.

Diane Burton said...

The horrors of war keep recurring in memories and dreams. You capture the horrors in this snippet.