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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Once Upon a Princess Trio


Once Upon A Princess Trio

by Deborah A. Bailey




GENRE:   Paranormal Romance






Formula for Fairy Tale Love:
1 adventurous Heroine + 1 tortured-but-noble Hero = Happily-Ever-After

For all the innate complications involved in finding the secret to blissful fairy-tale love with shape-shifters, three wise and discerning princesses trust their hearts instead of their eyes and fall in love with the unlikeliest of princes.

"Heart of Stone:" Leesa trespasses into a haunted palace, where she meets a gargoyle. Breaking the spell that cursed him may carry a price steeper than she's able…or willing…to pay.

"Beauty & the Faun:" Kayla flees an arranged marriage and falls for a faun shifter instead. But how can she ignore her duty by refusing to marry a prince?

"Land of Dreams:" Cicely knows she possesses magical ability. Falling in love with the courageous, self-sacrificing Willem may be the key to her awakening…or may unleash forces that will separate them forever. (Sequel to Heart of Stone)

Box set includes books 1-3 of the Once Upon A Princess paranormal fairy-tale inspired romance novellas.






Beauty & the Faun:


What are you fellows doing here?" A man walked out of the darkness and stood with his hands perched on his hips. About a foot and a half taller than Ren and Loren, he also had small horns and pointed ears. "Who is this?" 


"I don't know. She was running away," Ren said. 


"Then cut her loose," the man ordered. 


Loren complied, easily cutting through the limbs holding her in place. A few hacks and Kayla fell to the ground. 


"Thank you," she rubbed her arms, then slowly came to her feet. "I was telling them that I was running away." When she looked up, she noticed that they were all examining her with the same smile on their faces. 


Kayla looked down and immediately wanted to run away again. All her clothes were gone, the remains were tattered bits of cloth on the ground. "Oh my! Stop looking." She wrapped her arms across her chest. Then realized that wasn't exactly covering everything, so she moved one hand further down. 


"That's not helping," Ren said. 


"I still don’t understand why she didn’t wear clothes when she ran away," Loren remarked. 


"That tree – bush – whatever tore them off me." Kayla stamped her foot, unable to gesture without revealing everything. "I'm cold. Can we have this discussion another time?"


"You're right," the man bowed to her. "My name is Del. I'll take you somewhere to get warm."


"Del? That's an odd name," she remarked. 


"Not as odd as being a naked woman in the forest after midnight. Unless of course she was here to meet a few satyrs."


"Well, I'm not." The nerve of him! "Is that what you are?"


The boys laughed, but stopped when they saw Del's annoyed expression. 


"My good lady, I'm a faun. So are Ren and Loren. You come into my forest and compare me to a satyr? I should leave you right here." 

A Word With the Author:

 1.Did you always want to be an author?


Yes! I've been writing since I was a child. Whether it was writing short stories or poetry, I was always writing. Though I majored in English in college I made a career change and became a computer programmer. During that time, I did very little writing. Mostly it was due to my schedule, which required lots of overtime. 

Eventually I made another career change into business analysis and then into technical writing. At the point that I decided to move out of programming I went back to writing. After years of going to conference and taking classes, I decided to take my writing seriously. That's when I started submitting my short stories to markets. After selling a few of them I wanted to write longer pieces. So, at that point I decided to write novels. 


2.Tell us about the publication of your first book.


I wrote my first book in 2012. I'd had other ideas before the one I went with, but none of them worked out. And I was learning how to go from short stories to novels. I was taking a writing class and found out that the instructor also did mentoring. I really liked her style, so I signed up to work with her. She was patient and gave me lots of support. 

The story itself came to me when I'd watched a documentary about FDR and how he'd contracted polio. I wondered if a disease could possibly change someone's DNA so that they would develop powers that regular humans didn't have. After developing the story, I came up with the idea of a settlement on a planet in another system. After terraforming, a disease is unleashed that affects the people who have settled there. The survivors develop psychic abilities and eventually they become a security force on the planet. That was the premise of the first book in the series, Hathor Legacy: Outcast. Of course, these days in the time of Covid, the idea of a pandemic ravaging a planet might seem less like a fictional event. 


3.Besides yourself, who is your favorite author in the genre you write in?


This is a tough one because I have quite a few favorites these days! I think sci-fi and fantasy have so many wonderful sub-genres to choose from. It's hard to keep up because my TBR list is overflowing.

But if I can name more than one favorite I'd name Octavia Butler for her science fiction dystopias that always have an element of hope in them. Sharon Lynn Fisher who wrote this really great collection of fairy tale short stories (in addition to her paranormal romances). Carol Van Natta who has a terrific Ice Age Shifter series and Silvia Morena-Garcia who wrote a great gothic novel that wasn't romance but did have (in my opinion) an HFN. As I said, it's tough for me to pick just one! 

4.What's the best part of being an author? The worst?


For me, the best part is being able to use my imagination to create worlds that my readers can also participate in. Writing keeps me centered even when things are off kilter in the world. It's fun to create worlds and characters, then see what happens. 

As far as the worst, I'd say it's tough when the words don't flow. When you're trying to get things to line up in your story, and they don't. That's when the frustration comes in. I'd also say that marketing can also be added to that category. I don't hate doing it, but I don't always have the time. Real life has to be lived and things are always on the to-do list. When you're doing it all yourself – writing and publishing - that is a huge challenge. 

5.What are you working on now?


Right now, I'm working on a vampire paranormal, and I have a dragon story that I put aside for a while. They might be part of a larger series, we'll see. But the vampire story involves portals and shifters and magic. All the things I love to write about. I'd originally planned to finish it last year, but I decided not to rush. 2020 was crazy enough and I didn't have the energy to get the book done. But I'm in drafts now and I'm optimistic that I'll have it done within a month or so. After working on it for so long I'm ready to get it out into the world. 





AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Deborah A Bailey's Science Fiction & Paranormal Romance novels include suspense, a bit of mystery and a lot of romantic heat. Her books include the Hathor Legacy science fiction romance series and the Family Pride and Once Upon A Princess shapeshifter paranormal romance series.

Her short stories have won awards from the Philadelphia Writers' Conference and have been published in US1 Magazine and the Sun and are included in, Electric Dreams: Seven Futuristic Tales. She's the author of non-fiction books, and articles for various online publications.

Visit her site for more information and subscribe to the newsletter here: so you'll be the first to find out about giveaways, book launches and sneak peeks.

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