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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Character Interview Rachel Amos

Good morning, viewers. I’m Elaine Cantrell, legal reporter for WYXA. The jury in the Clint Hayes case just returned a guilty verdict which certainly isn’t a surprise, but the judge’s sentence is the reason for all the commotion on the court house steps. Judge Lowe just sentenced Hayes to six months under the care of Reverend Neal Amos, the pastor of Saved By Grace Community Church. Reverend Amos will in effect be Hayes’ jailor.

For those of you who haven’t been following this story, Hayes accidentally burned down Saved By Grace back in April when he stopped in the parking lot to throw away a beer can and have a cigarette. At first the police charged Hayes…wait a minute. I see Rachel Amos the minister’s daughter coming this way. Rachel, Rachel, Elaine Cantrell of WYXA here. Could you give us a comment on Judge Lowe’s sentence?

Rachel: What is there to say? My parents and I discussed it at home, but we never expected the judge to go along with it.

Elaine: So, this was your parents’ idea, not the judge’s?

Rachel: That’s right. My father’s a minister, so he believes in second chances, and thinks he can help Mr. Hayes. He intends to let Mr. Hayes help us rebuild the church.

Elaine: Isn’t your father worried about Hayes’ background? He’s a high school drop out who works for Bud’s Private Club, right?

Rachel: Yes.

Elaine: The club doesn’t have the greatest reputation.

Rachel: No, it doesn’t.

Elaine: Excuse me for saying so, but you don’t look thrilled over the sentence.

Rachel: I loved the church. It’s been there for a hundred years, but in one careless, drunken moment the building goes up in flames. I don’t understand how any responsible person could…I’m sure things will be fine. If you’ll excuse me I have to go now.

Elaine: What do you think, viewers? Will Reverend Amos be able to turn Hayes’ life around? Will Rachel forgive him for what he’s done? We’ll keep watch on this story for you and report when we have more news. Now, back to Lisa in our studio.

Curious about what this desperado looks like? Click on the following link and work a quick puzzle to find out.

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