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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors and Sunday Snippet.

Welcome to Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, your chance to sample the work of a talented group of authors. My excerpt today is from my current WIP Flood. If you've been following you know that my heroine was invited to tube down a river by two men. The man she rejected showed up at her home that evening to find out what she and the other guy had been up to. The tension ratcheted quickly. We're picking up where we left off last week. Jason is the guy she didn't pick. I've used creative punctuation to get a couple more sentences in.It's unedited so let me know if you see anything.

“That’s enough!” Aria’s voice rang throughout the living room. “I think the testosterone is a little thick in here; both of you settle down and stop acting like juvenile delinquents.”
Jason sneered at Caleb. “One of us is a delinquent anyway.”
           Eyes flashing, Jason strode toward the door.  "Mark my words, Aria; you'll regret this."

Saturday Sample: Her Kind of Man

Welcome to Saturday Sample. My excerpt today is from Her Kind of Man which was a featured read on the eReader Cafe on Thanksgiving Day. The book is on sale for .99. In this excerpt my hero has a hard time justifying his decision to invite Kara Cochrane to dinner. Bobby is my hero's brother, and the reason he's upset is because Kara is trying to make her ex-fiance jealous.

"Are you out of your mind?"

Ross winced at his brother's reaction. He pushed his plate away and drained his coffee cup. "Great breakfast, Mom."

“You know she only agreed to go out with you to spite Brandon and Kelly," Bobby persisted. "Are you looking to get your heart broken? I've never liked her. She ignored you all through high school, and now she's using you to make Brandon jealous. Why are you playing along?"

"Mind your own business, Bobby. I'm a grown man and can take care of myself. I know what I'm doing."

Bobby shook his head. "No you don't. You're going to lose your head over a woman who doesn't give a crap about you. And never has."

"Let it alone, okay? I want to go out with her."

Bobby slammed his coffee cup onto the kitchen table and sloshed coffee everywhere. “You’re as stubborn as a mule, so I might as well shut up, but don’t let her hurt you, Ross. You deserve better.”