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Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Year's Theme Is....

I decorate two Christmas trees each year. One tree is an old fashioned family tree. It has ornaments that we’ve collected over the years, our personalized ornaments, and even some new ones I’ve seen and liked. But the tree that gives me the greatest pleasure is my white theme tree.

My granddaughter and I came up with the idea of a second tree about ten years ago. I was tired of all my old decorations and wanted something different. I also wanted to do something that would be special for the two of us. So, the idea for a theme tree was born.

This year’s theme is birds. I’ve spent the entire year looking for ornaments for that tree. I bought some off Ebay; I found some in the bottom of a box of old decorations; I picked up some last Christmas when everything went on sale, and I’ve scoured the stores this year searching for the perfect bird. I’m not a purist. Some of the birds are glittery, and some look a little country. It doesn’t matter; if I liked it, I got it for the tree.

If you’re interesting in your own bird tree here are some low cost suggestions to get you started.

1.Look in your own back yard. Pine cones look gorgeous on a Christmas tree. You could spray them with fake snow or even put glitter on them. Either way they’d look great.

2.Make your own small bird nests out of twigs and plant material in your yard. Super glue or fishing line can hold it together if necessary. I put a bird’s nest with a little bird in it on the top of my tree.

3.Use feathers instead of tinsel or icicles. I went to a craft store and paid under two dollars for a pack of colored feathers. I attached fishing line loops to the feathers with Super glue. They look so colorful and beautiful. Of course if you have peacocks or chickens maybe you can find feathers in your own back yard.

4.Create your own bird eggs. Poke a pinhole in the end of an egg and blow out the contents. Then paint or dye it. Wonder if you could use a hard boiled egg instead? It isn’t like the tree’s going to be in the living room forever. I have eggs on my tree, but they are artificial. I bought them during the after Christmas sales last year.

5.Search for birds in discount stores. I found some really pretty ones at Wal Mart for a dollar apiece. I wanted an assortment of colors, but you could go to a dollar store and buy enough red birds to do a tree very cheaply. I always see a lot of white doves there too.

6.Try Ebay.

7.Floral supply houses are a great source for birds. One of my favorites came to me stuck in a flower arrangement. They are quite inexpensive too.

8.I think red holly berries would look good on a bird tree.
If anyone decides to do a bird tree I’d love to see some pictures of it.

I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by during my Wings Press month. I put all of the comments into a hat and drew the name Susan L. who responded on October 20. Susan, I can’t find your email address. Send it to me so I can get your book to you.

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