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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Danielle Thorne and Turtle Soup

The month of April is excerpt month at the blog. There are lots of good authors out there whose work I think you'd enjoy, so I'm featuring them all month. This week's guest is Danielle Thorne, and here's her excerpt.

The buy link is at the end of the excerpt.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sara peeling off her wet suit. She was under the shower head in the rinse area, one hand against the green tile to keep her balance.
He couldn't help watching the little wiggle in her hips. The harder she pulled, the longer the rubber stretched as if it were a piece of black gum. He would have laughed out loud if jets of water weren't smoothing her hair down in a wheat curtain against her back.

Her legs were athletic and trim. She needed a tan, his defenses observed. Before he could stop himself he stepped into the shower to help her pull the wetsuit the rest of the way off. He caught her off balance and had to grab her wrist so she didn't fall. Her hand landed squarely on his bare chest, his eyes in the valley between the cups of her dark bikini.

One leg of the wetsuit had flopped to the tiles, while the other was still glued to her calf. She looked down foolishly for a moment as if unsure what to do but they're eyes met and she seemed to trade her embarrassment for unease.

The words I'm sorry passed through his mind, but he kissed her instead. Without thinking, he closed his eyes and put his mouth on hers, timidly, in case she bit him. She didn't bite, but she didn't lean into him either. Her lips had a light layer of salt residue that had not rinsed off and he kissed her harder enjoying the scent of her breath that rose up with the steam.

With a jolt the water temperature switched to ice cold and he stumbled back. Sara had not been lost as lost in the moment as he'd thought. "I'm sorry," she said as she screwed the faucet handle off.

She wiped the water off her face and ran her hands over her hair. He moved to put his arms around her again but she stepped back out of reach. "Don't. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

Her face was so red it looked like her cheeks could bleed. Humiliation singed Jack's pride. "You didn't mean that?"

"No." She tripped over her wetsuit trying to escape.

He reached for a towel and wordlessly she accepted. Struggling, she pulled the other leg of her wetsuit off at last. He stood on the pool deck waiting for something more.

Of course she didn't mean it. She didn't like him one iota. She would head straight home and tell her little niece everything. There'd be a cookie on the menu tomorrow called Crummy Kiss.

He drew an angry breath but before he could insult her she stuck her hand out like a traffic cop. "Don't say it."

"Say what?" A cold wave of disgust washed over him. Why had he let himself think she was different? "What makes you think I meant it either?" He thought he saw her eyes water but she quickly wiped her face. He spun on his heel and stalked off before she looked up again.

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Sheila Deeth said...

Aw. Sad. Definitely sounds interesting.

neecy said...

Turtle Soup sounds like a great read. Loved the Exp.
Good -luck with the sales.

susan said...

Turtle Soup sounds like a book I could really get into. Hope it goes well for you. Happy Easter. susan L.

Cheryl said...

Hi Danielle,

GREAT EXCERPT. I really thought something was going to ...ahem... take place in the shower. LOL This book really looks good, and I have read enough excerpts to know I am going to love it once I ever get a chance to sit down and READ it from cover to cover.


Anne Patrick said...

Great excerpt, Danielle. You're an awesome writer. Best of luck to you!

Danielle Thorne said...

Thank you for stopping by. And thanks for Elaine for letting me post some "soup!"