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Monday, April 12, 2010

Laura Hogg and Romeo vs Juliet

It's Laura's turn! Laura Hogg has a wonderful new release titled Romeo vs Juliet. Laura, thanks for coming and sharing that excerpt with us. Take it away.

Can their love survive the trials and tribulations of time travel?

Born in Elizabethan England, Ambrose Radcliffe has spent centuries jumping
from one time period to another by order of the Big Boss. His missions are
often dangerous, and his wife, Josephine, is almost always in the middle of
the disaster.

Josephine Radcliffe has decided history needs a change for the better. Her
influence has completely eradicated Elizabethan England and reshaped the
world as not only she knows it, but Ambrose too.

Their worlds are shattered. Life will never be the same because the Big Boss
never allows for a 'do over'.

Could this cause Romeo to leave his Juliet forever?


"You still love your husband," Richard said.

"With all of my heart, I do." Her heart and mind swelled with intense
emotion for Ambrose.

Ambrose¹s heart became pinched with the same feeling. "My beloved."

"But you say he is no longer among us."

"He does not reside here on this earth in this century."

Richard blinked in confusion. "My lady?"

She sighed. "I'm a seer."

"Pardon me?"

"Richard, you will be betrayed. At Bosworth. Do not trust Lord Stanley. When
Henry Tudor engages you in battle, those you believed to be your friends
will be your downfall. I know you¹re grieving the loss of your family, and
you will leave the result of the battle for God to decide, but you will be
reckless, and you will be killed."

Richard gaped at her.

A new wave of cold fear washed over Josephine. To speak of a king¹s death
was treason and meant death.

She rushed out her next words. "I don¹t want you to die. I believe you¹re a
good man who could do so much for your country. I¹ll tell you all that God
has ordained for me to know."

³You?" Richard¹s voice shook. "You¹re a seer? You know these things to be

"I do."

He studied her face. "You tell me the truth, and you¹re not crazy. There is
no madness in your eyes. And your faith, Josephine?"

She reached into a small silk bag, which hung from her wrist and pulled out
a crystal rosary. She squeezed the crucifix in her hand. "I am loyal to the

Richard smiled and nodded.

Nauseous, Ambrose swallowed his dread.

"Only if you marry me and give me heirs," Richard said.

Josephine gasped. Oh God, no. But"

"Unless you do not really care for me?"

"But I do." As a human being. "You¹re innocent. I know it," she said to

³Then prove it," he responded.

I have no bloody choice but to make him believe it¹s so. I¹ll find a way to
escape before the wedding ceremonyĆ .her thoughts whirled.

"Yes, I¹ll marry you." When pigs fly.

Richard squeezed her.

"Shut the bloody thing off," Ambrose said and spun around.

Belinda pointed her finger to the screen, and it became smoky gray. Ambrose
glanced down. Small changes occurred in his Elizabethan attire. His doublet
grew two inches longer and became a shade darker. His hose became less
poofy, and his shoes less, well, fashionable in his opinion, with no heel at
all, and overall they were more conservative, but oddly, far richer in
materials. He now wore silk and velvet, though as a commoner he would not
have been allowed to walk around Elizabethan England in such, and this
confused him.

"My clothes! She succeeded," he dropped off, the breath leaving his body.
Elizabethan England was gone.

"Yes, the bubble protects time-traveling humans and animals, but clothes and
objects change according to the new time-line."

Anger for his wife sizzled in his heart.


Elaine Cantrell said...

Laura, this one sounds like a winner.

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Thank you so much, Elaine! Glad to be here. :) -laura