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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Characteristics of the 1940's Home

More info on the 1940's...

During the 1940's homes became more luxurious. Here's a list of things that you could expect to find in a 1940's home. A lot of them are standard today. The picture shows an original wallpaper design from the 1940's.

1.The use of wallpaper became more popular.

2.An increasing number of homeowners picked carpet for the homes, probably to help insulate the home.

3.Hardwood floors were still the norm.

4.They used asphalt for kitchen tiles and/or roofing.

5.Bathroom fixtures were made of chrome.

6.New houses often included hot water heaters.

7.Barbecue patios were popular.

8.Heating systems with thermostat controlled heating were installed in new homes.

9.Red brick was a popular siding.

9.Kitchen cupboards were considered a luxury.

10.Architects’ new floor plans often included double garages.

11.Multiple unit homes increased in popularity.

12.Room size increased.

13.Furniture was plusher. Chair and foot rest sets were very popular. They were made with spring seats, rounded cushions, and/or heart shaped backs.

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Debra St. John said...

Very fun information. I have an old home myself (from a bit earlier on...the 20s), so this was fun to hear some history detail about houses.