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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say Hello to Kari Thomas

Hello, Kari. Thanks for coming. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a multi-published author writing in the Paranormal Romance genre. To date I have 8 books published and two Shorts. I have a Degree in Child Psychology but I’ve never used it due to extreme health problems. Becoming a writer was a dream come true. I’m also a Freelance Editor for an Arizona Publisher, and a Reviewer for the major Publishing Houses like Kensington, Avon, Signet, Grand Central, etc. While not writing I am a full time Caregiver for my dad.

Good grief! You have a busy schedule! What attracted you to the paranormal genre?

The countless possibilities you can come up as a writer! I have a vivid imagination (LOL!) and that genre seemed to be the perfect outlet for it! Too, it’s my favorite genre to read.

I can sure understand that. Which of your books is your favorite? Why?

Not a fair question! LOL! I love them all! And each one has a different reason for being a favorite.

My favorite is always the one I'm working on. What is the hardest part of writing for you? The easiest?

The hardest is finding the time and energy. I constantly want to write –but Life intrudes. The easiest is just sitting down at the computer and letting the characters and story fly with my imagination.

Again, I can sure relate. How do you juggle all of life’s demands with your career?

Writing keeps me sane so I HAVE to jiggle the time in! LOL! Seriously though, being a 24/7 Caregiver is stressful and draining sometimes, so I force myself to make time to write. It takes me away from the worries.

Would you share your links with us, please?

Yes and thanks! My website is:
and readers can reach me at:

Here are my Books/BUY Links:






7.We’d love to read an excerpt. SPELL-KISSED is my latest Release (July 15, 2010), so here’s an Excerpt:
Released July 15, 2010!

Print and Ebook, July 15, 2010
ISBN # 9781934912287


Briana Adair is a witch with a glitch.

Whenever Briana's emotions kick in, her spells fizzle out. Entrusted with a magical sphere containing the Tree of Life, she can't risk letting her feelings run amok. Her life and the safety of the world she knows depend on it. But now an evil force is putting her guardianship and witchy skills to the test - and the one man she needs to help her brings enough sizzle to cause an awful lot of fizzle.

Hunter Dallas doesn't believe in magic.

Burned out, hunky police detective Hunter thinks his mother's new tenant is just about as crazy as they come. Witchcraft? Maybe it's just the power of the moonlight, but even cynical Hunter can't deny Briana has cast a spell over him. As he begins to see some supernatural threats firsthand, will Hunter learn love and magic are actually one and the same before it's too late?


Briana looked up at the doorway just as she paused in her dancing around the room. Her breath whooshed from her. Hunter, a shocked expression on his handsome face, stood just a few feet away from her. Despite being suddenly breathless, she uttered a startled scream.

“Oh my Goddess!” Faster than she thought she could ever move she dove across the small space and grabbed her robe lying on the floor by the table. She never knew how she managed to get it on so fast, considering she was shaking so hard. Oh why, why hadn’t she thought to lock the basement door? This couldn’t turn out good no matter what she said or did now. She took a deep cleansing breath, deep into her lungs, and then slowly released it on a shaky sigh. Bracing herself, she lifted her head and reluctantly turned around to face Hunter.

The look in his piercing, hungry stare made her knees buckle.

She actually fell forward. Hunter took the few steps separating them in two long strides and caught her up against his hard body. In the split second it took her to wonder if witches really were capable of melting, she thought to clear her mind of any stray spells. A misfired spell right now wouldn’t help this situation.

Stunned, she stared up into his handsome face and uttered a soft cry of shock as painful, arousing, electric waves arced between their bodies. This close she could see the intriguing dark grey flecks in his eyes. And she could see herself reflected back.

It was disturbing—and yet exciting all at one time.

His arms felt like steel bands around her and there wasn’t a spot on their bodies not meshed together. Lustful heat sank into her pores as it wafted off his hard body, and she went completely limp, feeling suddenly drunk on the primal sexuality he radiated.

His eyes darkened at her slight movement and he somehow managed to gather her closer against him. His firm, sensual lips parted on an intake of breath and he muttered, “What the hell is that?”


“I feel like we’re connected to a live wire,” he answered hoarsely.

One of his arms moved from her lower waist to slowly inch down her backside. She instinctively wiggled against the hard line of his erection pushing against her there. “Damn. Stop moving. I can’t think straight.”

Delicious excerpt, Kari. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have great luck with your new book.

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