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Friday, February 18, 2011

Let's Party!

Welcome to my blog! You've come just in time to help me celebrate Kim Bowman's new release from Astraea Press. Astraea is brand new, but they're signing some good authors!

This is the way we'll do the party. Kim graciously agreed to do an interview for us, and afterwards she'll share an excerpt from her book. Then comes the really funny part. Madame Zanna, the heroine of Kim's book will be available to read the cards for everyone. Just leave a yes or no question for Madame, and she'll be glad to answer. Everyone who leaves a comment or asks a question will be eligible for a prize. What's Kim giving away? Authors, she's offering a free one chapter critique. Yes, I said free. Kim worked as an editor for a long time, so this is a great prize. She's also giving away a pdf copy of her book Wayward Soul, and she's also offering a copy of Sylvia Browne's Contacting Your Spirit Guide.

These are nice prizes Kim. How does it feel to be a first time author?

I keep pinching my husband to see if I’m dreaming…He assures me I’m NOT dreaming (though I think he just wants me to stop pinching him!)

LOL. I'm sure he'll survive. Would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Indiana with my husband and 2 of our 4 kids (2 are at college). My kids are 23, 21, 19, and 2! Needless to say, the 2 year old was a BIG surprise. I work at home part time as a customer service representative, book editor, and writer (thanks to my wonderful husband who works too much so I can stay home)

Oh, my gosh! I'm surprised you can get any writing done with a two year old at home.
Did you always want to be an author?

In a word – YES! I have books of poems, songs, stories, etc. that I have written since I was in grade school, but I never pursued it until I had my son in 2008.

That's wonderful! How did you find Astraea Press?

I’m in a writing critique group with one of the co-owners, Stephanie Taylor (who is awesome by the way). She posted on our group that she was starting Astraea Press and I submitted my book.

What can the readers expect from your work?

Oh boy! Fun and sarcasm (my hero is VERY sarcastic). Aside from that, my story is original and unique. Yes, I have one of the usual paranormal characters—a werewolf, but I added a totally different paranormal element by having my heroine be a spirit guide. I don’t think that’s been done before. It’s a twist that I think will intrigue and interest readers and, hopefully, make them want more.

Tell us a little bit about your book.

My heroine, Zanna Seoul, is a spirit guide. A spirit guide is an invisible force who watches over a human, called a charge, while the person lives on Earth. Zanna accidentally causes the death of a fellow spirit guide’s charge while trying to save the life of the man she loves. Because of her actions, she is stripped of her position and banished to Earth to die. With Zanna no longer guiding him and his memory of her erased, Owen Nash is left wide open as the target of the vengeful spirit guide who feels he’s been wronged. A guide who also happens to be a werewolf. Once on Earth, Zanna refuses to stand by and watch Owen die, so she intervenes again, setting off a chain of events that could mean death for all of them if she doesn’t go back and undo the mess she’s made.

Would you give us your links so we can find you on the web?

Sure! They can visit me at

We’d love to read an excerpt.

Zanna awoke gasping for air. At first, she thought it was the impact of her spirit body returning to her physical body. The force of the two slamming back together after astral travel was uncomfortable. She expected the heavy pressure on her chest, the elevated heart rate, and the momentary paralysis reentry caused, but she’d never been breathless.

Fear took over when the weight increased, crushing her ribcage. Zanna’s hands flew to her throat where they encountered fingers wrapped around her neck, squeezing the life out of her.

She blinked many times before her burning pupils adjusted to the bright overhead lights. The swirling white beacons made her eyes water, blurring her vision. Tears streamed down her face and her empty lungs screamed.

Panicked, she placed her feet on the floor and bucked. She clawed at the hands around her neck desperate to loosen their grip. The vice-like hold only intensified, continuing to push down until she was sure her neck would break. Biting pain stung her smashed windpipe and deflated lungs.

“Cease,” a male voice ordered. The authoritative sound resonated all around the space.

Her attacker’s lethal hands fell away. Her compressed arteries opened, sending blood coursing through her veins so fast her head spun. She took a deep breath. The air stuck in her crushed throat made her gag and cough. She rolled into a ball, clutching her chest. Several agonizing moments passed before her aching lungs filled with oxygen.

As her physical pain subsided, the dam in her mind broke, flooding her senses with the sound of gunfire, the smell of burning gunpowder, and the sight of blood spraying. Her heart cried out in grief as the horrible memories assaulted her mind. The man she loved was dead.

Wow, Zanna has problems. Readers, Kim will post a new excerpt later this afternoon. Don't forget to leave a comment or ask a question to enter her contest.


Doc Nani said...
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Doc Nani said...

I have read the excerpt for the book. I wanted more to read. I am a very, (very new) new writer. No publications as yet. This excerpt really makes the reader wanting more to read. Congratulations Kimberly. And thank you Elaine for the invitation to come over.


Kim Bowman Author said...

Thank you, Sharon! I'm so glad you liked the excerpt and I hope you'll check in later to read more:))

Elaine Cantrell said...

I'm so glad you came, Sharon. Come back to visit anytime.

Anonymous said...

Great interview Kim and Elaine! You don't have to enter me in the contest, just wanted to stop in and say hi, and congrats!

Great idea about the questions with Madame (LOL).

Kim Bowman Author said...

Thank you, Rebekah! You're so sweet! And Elaine is wonderful for letting me stop by and visit

Maryann Miller said...

Congratulations on the publication. It is always such a thrill to have a book come out, whether it is the first or the 20th. And I'm glad you were able to stop pinching your husband. LOL

Anonymous said...

hi ladies! will the fun never end. tarot cards, my favorite.

Kim Bowman Author said...

Maryann, my husband was glad I stopped pinching him as well!! Thank you so much. I'm still on cloud 9.

Kim Bowman Author said...

I guess elaine and I could have posted the buy link for you guys!

Here it is:

Zanna said...

Sharon, I'm so glad you stopped by to say hi to Kim. I have drawn the Knight of Pentacles card for you. This knight is busy all the time. What I see is that in time, you will get your wish and your desires will be realized. You just have to believe!


Zanna said...

Rebekah, how wonderful of you to stop by. I have drawn the Judgement card for you. Have no fear, you have been judged and found pure of heart. I see someone who is grateful for such a wonderful life and much success in your writing career.


Zanna said...

Maryann, I've drawn the Nine of Cups for you. VERY LUCKY INDEED! We call this the WISH CARD. I see your energies moving toward areas where you can be fulfilled and surrounded by love and happiness. Just remember, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!


Zanna said...

Therese, I, too, love Tarot cards. They open the portal to possibilities.

Oh what fun! I drew The Hanged Man for you. I see repeat clients and financial increase, but there will be waiting so don't be impatient (that is, after all, how the Hanged Man got stuck!!)


Zanna said...

I fear I've been remise! I must remember our dear host today.

Elaine, your card is the Ace of Rods. An ace signifies new starts, new beginnings. That means to focus on potential and I see you writing a new book or working on a new project or concept. Exciting for sure.

Thank you for letting me come and visit today.


Elaine Cantrell said...

Zanna! That's terribly exciting. Also scary. Now I have to live up to my potential, LOL.

aarbaugh said...

Great interview. I loved reading the excerpt. There for a moment it sounded like she was having a heart attack. Congrats on the book.

Kim Bowman Author said...

@aarbaugh, thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by. I guess it does sound like she's having a heart attack:)

Zanna said...

@aarbaugh, greetings and thank you for stopping by! I have drawn The Hermit card for you. I see a new potential around the corner that's going to help you accomplish all your goals and develop a few new ones. What an exciting year!!

Anonymous said...

LOVED the Interview and excerpt ---but LOVE, even more, the Plot idea! Very UNIQUE! I soooo want to read this one! Congrats on the Release!

hugs, Kari Thomas

Kim Bowman Author said...

Thank you so much, Kari! Thank you for the kind words. I'm very sorry that I didn't think to provide Elaine with the buy link to put in the interview. Here it is:

Zanna said...

Kari, so wonderful of you to come by and support Kim.

I have drawn the Empress card for you!The beautiful Empress generally indicates a birth - whether it's figuratively or spiritual or literally. I see a slow start to the year for you, but I see big changes coming and something you've wanted to try, you'll take the plunge and go for it!! Busy year for you!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read more!

school_of_tyrannus said...

What an awesome author interview! Thanks for sharing.

Kim Bowman Author said...

kay, you are so sweet!! I'm so glad you stopped by!!

@school of tyrannus, thank you so much for the kind words!!