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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

There's A New Publisher In Town

Hey, ya’ll. There’s a new publisher in town! The inspiration for Astraea Press was born in 2010 when two friends Stephanie Taylor and Jane Paxson saw the need for a quality, non-erotic publisher who’d offer quality mainstream fiction. They put their heads together and came up with Astraea Press. Then, they persuaded Elaina Lee to be their cover artist and Jane Alice Bennett to be their marketing director. Elise McCallister is their reader. I’ve seen Elaina’s first covers on the Astraea website (, and they’re gorgeous. The woman is so talented.

Authors, why should you consider Astraea? I copied this directly from the website.

• Working one on one with our cover artist to develop a cover you can be proud to display
• 50% royalties on site sales
• Individual, customized marketing plan for each author to help your sales that combine with our own marketing efforts for your book
• Direct communication lines between owner, editors, cover artist, and authors. No middle man here!

They’re looking for :
• Any genre of romance or sub-genre of romance
• Young Adult
• Fiction of all shapes and sizes
• Clean manuscripts with no language and no graphic sex

Submissions are easy too. They don’t give you a thousand hoops to jump through. Here’s the link to the submissions page:

I do have a special reason for promoting Astraea. They just happened to offer me a contract for my manuscript A New Dream. They won my heart when they told me how much they liked it. You’ll see more about A New Dream in the near future.

Readers, why should you consider Astraea? If you like clean romance this is the place to go because that’s what they offer: clean stuff full of romance, intrigue, and happy ever afters.

February 1 is Astraea’s opening day, so drop by to see what they have ready for you. You can also check out their blog at


Elaina Lee said...

Thank you, Elaine!

Elaine Cantrell said...

You're welcome, Elaina. Your work is fabulous.

Emma Lai said...

Beautiful site! Congrats on the new contract Elaine!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thanks, Emma. They seem like a great group.