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Friday, March 30, 2012

Fashionista Friday

Maybe she’d dress up tomorrow. She had a new fall suit in a warm shade of chocolate brown that looked beautiful with her hair. The length of the skirt pleased her, although her father would probably think it was too short. He had definite opinions about such matters.

The blazer looked nice, too. She’d add a pair of high heels and some gold jewelry. Smiling, she thought of how nice she’d look. Way out of his league. Color flooded her cheeks. Why had she even thought of such a thing? Who’d want a man like Clint to notice her as a woman? Her boyfriend Josh was a nice guy, not a church burner. He’d been to school and had a future.

Hey, Fashionistas.  Here's my interpetation of Rachel's outfit.  Everything is from Neiman Marcus.

Jewelry: From Macy's.  Necklace $239.20  Earrings $199.20
All other items from Neiman Marcus.
Suit: Donna Karan $1495
Shoes: Prada $890
Purse: Michael Kors $278

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