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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Yippee!  The Sentence releases on March 22!  I don't have a specific buy link yet, but you can find it at  Here's an excerpt from the novel.  All royalties made on the book will be donated to the East Pickens Baptist Church miracle building.


Rachel Amos doesn’t understand her father at all.  How could he bring Clint Hayes who burned Saved By Grace Christian Church into their home for six months?  Sure, the guy didn’t mean to do it, and her dad’s a minister, but if he wanted to help Hayes, why didn’t he go to the prison to do it?  And no matter what her friend Christina says, she doesn’t watch Clint every moment they’re in the same room.


She put the food away while Clint took the dishrag to wipe the kitchen counters and the stove. “You don’t make a big mess in the kitchen,” he commented. “Seems like it’s harder to clean up at the bar.”

“I wouldn’t know,” Rachel answered, a bite to her tone. “I’ve never lived in a bar.”

Clint chuckled. “Somebody’s in a nasty mood.”

“I am not!”

Clint dropped the dishcloth and turned to face her. “That’s what it sounds like to me. There was no reason for that crack.”

“You brought up the bar, I didn’t.”

Clint picked up the dishcloth, rinsed it, then hung it on the faucet to dry. “I guess we’re finished in here.”

“Uh huh.”

“I’ll be in my apartment if you need me, Clint said.

Nervous about being alone with him after talking to her parents, Rachel jumped down his throat. “Why would I need you? What could you possible do for me?”

With an exclamation low in his throat, Clint grabbed her and jerked her against him. “This.

His warm, firm lips came down on hers with an intensity that took her breath away. Rachel never even thought to stop him. Actually, she couldn’t think at all. She had never been kissed this way before. By the time he turned her loose, her breath came in gasps, and she felt flushed and shaky. So this was what her father worried about! She’d never felt this way when Josh kissed her.

Now what did she do? Did she run away, slap him, or…or…

Clint settled the issue by kissing her again. This time Rachel fully participated. His lips felt so…good, so warm…so…exciting...on hers. Her knees trembled. She could feel every muscle in his chest.

With a gasp, she tore out of his arms. “Don’t do that!”

“Don’t do what?”

Rachel’s eyes stretched wide. “Don’t…don’t…kiss me like that!”

The corners of Clint’s mouth turned up in a little grin. “Then tell me how you want me to kiss you.”

“I don’t!” Rachel gasped as her hand flew to her face.

“That’s not the impression I got.”

“You…you…you…” Rachel couldn’t articulate a single thought.

“Are you asking for another kiss?” Clint calmly asked, just as if he hadn’t thrown her entire world out of kilter. “I’d be glad to give it to you.”

“No! Don’t you dare.” Good grief! Her voice was shaking!

Clint reached for her hand. She tried to pull away, but he wouldn’t allow it. “Do you like me just a little bit, Rachel? You never miss a chance to cut me down.”

“I’m…I’m sorry if I…hurt your…feelings.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

No, and she wasn’t going to either. She jerked away from Clint and ran for her room, halfway afraid he’d follow. He didn’t though. She gasped when she heard the front door slam. When she went to make sure he had left, she locked the door. But surely he wouldn’t come back! Would he?


Jean said...

Love the subtle sexual tension in this scene, Elaine. This book sounds great. I'm putting it on my TBR list. Will have to buy this one. Great excerpt. I didn't want it to end.

Patricia Kiyono said...

Love it! She's attracted, but she fights it tooth and nail. Can't wait to read more.

Beth Trissel said...

This is great! Really caught my attention.

Sandra said...

Her body wants him but her mind rejects him. Intriguing!

Lindsay said...

Great tension in the scene. Looks like there might be a love-hate-love thing going on with her.

Carrie-Anne said...

Very intense sample. I love the interplay between them.

Marsha Ward said...

My my! This certainly got my attention. Very intense emotion!

Mirriam Smyth said...

Hehehe I like her attraction to him, how she says "no" when everything else says "yes". Great sample!