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Friday, July 4, 2014

Saturday Sample

My sample today comes from a newly completed manuscript called Flood. Since I was on vacation when Hurrucane Arthur struck, I thought a book dealing with a flood would be appropriate. In this scene, my heroine is pondering her attraction to a man her father believes is unsuitable.

Her fingers clinched when she thought of touching Caleb's hand. Unable to sit still, she sprang from the new glider she'd gotten for the porch.  "Let's walk Peaches."

Together they strolled down to the river where Peaches lapped a big drink of water. Nothing had happened between her and Caleb so why was she so unsettled? She actually ran from him at the Dog House. Touching him had upset her so much she ran away until she could compose herself, and that wa ridiculous. Running away from things was cowardly, and at the risk of bragging on herself, she wasn't a coward. So...what was going on here?

Nothing, yet everything. Denying her attraction to Caleb would be stupid. She had liked his looks from the first time she saw him, and the longer they worked together the more she realized he was a lot more than a pretty face. A wave of heat swamped her as the truth stared her in the face.  She was falling for him.

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