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Friday, July 11, 2014

Saturday Sample

What do you think you'd do if you had been forced into marriage against your will, and now the wedding night had arrived? Here's how Prince Alan and Princess Morgane handled it.

As Alan moved toward her, her eyes grew wide and filled
with wild desperation. "You fear me, but I am not like your father,

ʺYou are exactly like my father,ʺ she spat, her eyes now dark
with loathing.

Alan thought for a moment. "I do not see how. I am not in
the habit of cutting people's faces or burning their feet."

ʺNot yet."

ʺI promise that I will never hurt you."

Morgane's expressive, sea-­colored eyes flashed again. ʺI am
nothing more than a brood mare to you, so you have already hurt

Alan scowled. ʺI have shown you nothing but kindness!"

Morgane laughed in his face. ʺWhat kindness did you do for
me? My feet? Yes, I grant that was nice of you. However, I am here
in your bed, am I not? My father forced me to wed a stranger who
will take by force if necessary the one thing which is mine to give.
That does not sound like kindness to me."

"You judge me before you know me, Morgane," he rebuked.
"I have no intention of forcing myself on you. Did it not occur to
you that I also would rather not have wed a stranger? I once
married for love, but my wife died four years ago. Having tasted
true happiness with her, I have no desire to bed a stranger."
Morgane's face flamed. Some strong emotion that Alan
could not identify burned behind her eyes. "ʺYou do not find me

Ah! He had wounded her vanity. "You are a lovely woman,

"My scar repels you." Her voice sounded flat. All color had
leached from her face. "Well, it is too bad for us both that we are
expected to produce offspring."

"Your servants spoke the truth," Alan replied, marveling at
her courage. "You do indeed have the heart of a dragon. You speak
your mind to me even though you do not know me and have no
idea how I might react."

Sudden excitement flared on her face. She pointed toward
the far corner of the room. "Do us both a service. Take that sword
from the corner and put an end to this nightmare."

Alan gasped, shocked to the core. "Be silent! To speak in that
way is an abomination."

"Perhaps, but I prefer death to a life of hopelessness and

Alan froze. "Do not speak of this again," he ordered,
allowing his disapproval to show in his voice and on his face. "I do
not know what trials you have endured, but things will surely be
better now. In time you will be glad I did not listen to you."

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