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Friday, October 10, 2014

Guest Interview: Rita Lee Chapman

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Hello, and welcome to my blog. My special guest today is a lady from down under, that is from Australia. Rita, thanks so much for stopping by.

1.Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?
I’m an Australian author and wrote my first book, a romantic travel mystery entitled Missing in Egypt, when I retired.  My second book, Winston – A Horse’s Tale is for horse lovers from teenagers upwards.  It is told my Winston himself and describes his life in Australia, as well as the stories of other horses he meets along life’s way.

I am now finalising my next book, Dangerous Associations, which is a crime mystery, so a different genre again.  When I’m not writing I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, walking and reading.  I have to walk quite a lot to make up for the amount of chocolate I eat!

2.Besides your own work, who are your favorite authors in the genre your genre?
I read a wide range of books, but I particularly love Bryce Courtenay, Colleen McCullough and Kate Morton, Australian authors, as well as Mary Higgins-Clark, Elizabeth Elgin, Jeffrey Archer to name a few - and I enjoy autobiographies too.

3.What advice if any can you give to aspiring authors?
Do it!  Now that you can self-publish your work won’t lie forgotten in a drawer.  Also, edit, edit, edit because it is so easy to miss something.

4.We'd love to read an excerpt from your work.
Thank you. This if from Missing in Egypt, which also comes in a Large Print edition:

There in the doorway was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen!  She was obviously Egyptian, with long black hair, huge black eyelashes and olive skin.  The sun caught her profile and her face was bathed in the most extraordinary golden light.  It seemed as if there was nothing else in the world at that moment other than her as everything else around ceased to exist.  Her lips, full and sensual, moved enticingly as she addressed a small group in front of her.  I let my eyes fall to her body and noticed the way her simple black dress clung to her curves.  I moved towards her to listen to her voice.  She appeared to be a tour operator and was speaking in very clear English.  Her voice was almost musical and she turned towards me as I approached. Huge, almost black, eyes met mine for a moment and I was locked in her gaze.  Till that moment I had not believed in love at first sight but from that first glance I wanted to be with this woman more than I had ever wanted anything in my life.
I felt a need and a desire that I had never known before.  I wanted to possess her and protect her at the same time. Surely this was my destiny – my reason for being pulled back to Egypt!

5.Wonderful excerpt. Please share your links with us so we can find you on the web.

My website is:  I have a different guest author on my website each week, so  if any authors are interested in being interviewed, please contact me through this website.

Missing in Egypt is available at:

Winston – A Horse’s Tale is available at:


Yolanda G said...

Nice interview and I enjoyed the excerpt. The book sounds great! Thank you.

Rita Lee Chapman said...

Thank you Yolanda. It's always great to get some feedback.