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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Sample: Rest Thy Head

Welcome to Saturday Sample. My excerpt today comes from Rest Thy Head. In this excerpt, my heroine learns more about Rest ThyHead. Peyton my heroine is talking to Jake my hero.

She stared out the window as the miles rolled by. “How long
have you owned Rest Thy Head?”

“Our parents bought it ten years ago.”

“It looks old.”

Jake put on his signal and turned off the main road. “It is
old. It was built in 1870.”

“Hey! Did any famous people ever stay here?”

Jake laughed, a deep, rich sound that pleased Peyton
because it made her feel good all over. “No, I don’t think so.”

“No Buffalo Bill? No Annie Oakley? Maybe she’s your ghost.
Maybe she’s mad that nobody invited her to Rest Thy Head. The
ghost is female, right?” Peyton teased.

Jake shot her a look. He seemed concerned about her. “Did
you see anything last night?”

“Nope. No ghosts.” She paused. “You don’t really believe
that nonsense do you?”


Peyton rolled her eyes. “Honestly.”

“Is the room okay?”

“Yes, it is.” She chuckled. “In fact I’m almost afraid to tell
you how much I like it because you might try to rent it, and then
where would I be?”

“No, it’s yours for as long as you like. Nobody else will stay
in it.”

“Thanks, buddy,” she answered, making her tone as tart as
possible. “It’s nice to know that’s the only reason I get it.”

Jake backtracked so fast it tickled Peyton. “I didn’t mean …”

“Oh, hush. I’m only teasing you.”

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Charmaine Gordon said...

I love your writing style and this story touches my heart. Thanks.