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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors. This is your chance to sample snippets from the work of some amazing authors. After you finish here, you can find more excerpts at: and

My excerpt today is from my latest release Rest Thy Head. In this excerpt my hero is asking my heroine if she regrets leaving her fiance at the altar. He's finally starting to relax his guard around her.

“If you had it to do over, would you leave him at the altar?”

Peyton laughed and bumped him with her shoulder. “I sure
would. The more I think about him, the clearer things become. I
escaped a fate worse than death when I got away from him.”

Jake’s shoulders shook with laughter. “I’ve never heard
anyone really use that term before.”

“Jake Douglas, are you laughing at me?”


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Linda said...

Well she is right, going away was the best thing she ever did for herself!

Teresa Cypher said...

This paints such a fun, flirtatious scene. And I like how she calls him by his first and last name-- sort of teasing. Nicely done, Elaine!

Gem Sivad said...

The dialogue is very natural and the scene lighthearted and fun. Great 8!

Millie Burns said...

What a fun eight. Love the banter.

Sarah W said...

A truth for a truth! :D

This is a nice moment, Elaine---they seem to be growing more comfortable with each other. :)

Veronica Scott said...

An excellent conversation going on here, between two characters I *really* like. Great 8!

Charmaine Gordon said...

More comfortable together definitely where this time she pokes him and he doesn't cringe. Sweet together, these two. Lovely writing as always, Elaine. SO realistic.

Cecilia Corona said...

Love the playful banter.

Iris Blobel said...

Lovely dialogue. another great snippet.

Author, Neva Rodriguez said...

Nice Jake, laugh at her. LOL, so flirtatious, I love it!

JTsuruoka said...

Love the dialogue... a scene of two people becoming at ease around one another.