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Friday, May 15, 2015

Saturday Sample

Welcome to Saturday Sample. In this excerpt, my heroine learns how my hero got scarred.

“Jake was in the marines, and a couple of years ago they sent him to Afghanistan. His unit was involved in a firefight with the insurgents. He got burned on the left side of his body.”

Remorse for all the hard thoughts she’d had toward Jake flooded Peyton. “That’s awful. I... I hope I didn’t make him uncomfortable. He must have seen that...”

“Yeah, I know.” Patrick grimaced. “The first time you see him, it’s startling.”

Peyton allowed Reggie to stop so she could feed on a clump of grass. “I feel bad for him.”

Patrick’s voice hardened. “Well, don’t. He wouldn’t want you to, and for goodness sake don’t offer him your pity. He really can’t stand that.”

“Pity him?” Peyton’s eyes widened. “I think he’s a hero, not someone to be pitied. He didn’t give his life for his country, but he gave a lot.”

Patrick favored her with a warm smile. “That’s exactly what I think.” 

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