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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Devil's Music: Review

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The Devil’s Music
by Pearl R. Meaker



Emory Crawford doesn't do martial arts nor is she an athletic, leggy woman who is built like a model. She's a wife, grandmother, and empty nest lover of crafts, reading, birding and bluegrass music.

When an acclaimed scholar, best-selling author and fellow bluegrass musician is found murdered on the Twombly College campus where her husband teaches chemistry and forensics, Emory takes up her knitting caddy, to help her channel the spirit of Miss Marple, and heads off to help solve the crime.


Naomi explained, “I play cello and love chamber music so ethno-musicology is starting to look like a good field to go into. Interest in it will surely pick up now that Dr. Dawson’s book is so popular.”

Archie looked up at the mention of his book.

“Speaking of which, do you have it with you, Naomi?”

“Oh yes! I forgot.” She easily folded in half to dig into her M.A.S.S. canvas tote. “Here.” She held the book out for me to take.

“Personally signed to you and Jebbin.”

Archie made sure he was loud enough for everyone at the table to hear him.

They all looked at me.

“Ah, thank you, Archie.”

“What’d he write?” Myra asked me.

I opened the cover.

 “To my dear friends, Dr. Jebbin & Emory Crawford. Even a banjo picker should be able to understand this. Ha Ha. May none of your murder songs come true! Dr. Archibald Finlay Dawson.”

I closed the cover.

“Well, I guess I can return the one I checked out of the library this afternoon. We were planning on buying one at your signing table anyway, Archibald. Can’t pass up having a signed best seller for a new doorstop.”

Archie raised his eyebrows.

“I’m joshin’ ya, Archie. Just joshin’.”

Archie looked relieved. He laughed it off and we all went back to our own meals and conversations.


Emory Crawford does a credible job channeling Miss Marple in this cozy mystery. I liked that she was an ordinary person (like Miss Marple) and not a storybook heroine who was beyond beautiful and so good it's unnatural. I enjoyed following along as she formed and rejected theories and eventually solved two murders. 

I thought the plot was well done, and I didn't guess who did it. My money was on a character who turned out to be innocent. The supporting characters were nicely done and played their parts well. Ms. Meaker created a realistic setting that I think people will enjoy.  

If you like cozy mysteries I think you'll like this one. Five out of five stars.

 AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Pearl R. Meaker is an upper-middle-aged, short, pudgy homemaker, mother, and grandmother who in 2002 became a writer. Initially writing fanfiction she soon tried original fiction at the encouragement of her regular readers. She has been a life-long lover of mystery stories and automatically went to that genre for her first book, The Devil’s Music. She and her husband of nearly 40 years live in central Illinois. They both love bluegrass music, playing fiddle and banjo and singing. Pearl also does many crafts –  when she’s not reading or writing - knitting, crochet, origami, needlepoint, and cross-stitch among them. She also enjoys birding and photography and is a former fencer.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Pearl R. Meaker said...

Good morning Elaine!
Thank you so much for having me on your blog and for the great review! :-D

And thank you Goddess Fish Productions - I've had a wonderful time on my blog tour and you all have been a joy to work with. :-D I'll be seeing you again to set up my tour for The Devil's Hook!

Mai T. said...

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

Pearl R. Meaker said...

Hi Mai! :-)

I've enjoyed your questions during my tour! :-D

My best accomplishments are - being happily married for nearly 40 years, being a better mom than I ever imagined I'd be (both our kids love us and enjoy having us around so we must have done something right ;-) ), and being a published author.

amy bowens said...

Sounds like a great book! I love bluegrass music being from Kentucky so much good music

Betty Woodrum said...

Terrific excerpt! This book sounds great! Thank you so much for sharing!

Pearl R. Meaker said...

Hi Amy :-)

Nice to meet you. My hubby and I love bluegrass and are members of the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro, KY! Hope you enjoy The Devil's Music. :-)

Pearl R. Meaker said...

Hi Betty,

I've enjoyed getting to meet you here on my tour!
Thanks for all your kind words :-)