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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Beyond the Book: The Captain and the Cheerleader

Today's excerpt is from the book we've been previewing The Captain and the Cheerleader. To summarize, so far we know that Susan bet an irritating fellow teacher that she could make head football coach Kurt Deveraux ask her out. He did, and invited her to a party. In today's excerpt Susan and Kurt have arrived at the party, and unfortunately both of them have had a little too much to drink. Okay, a whole lot to drink.

Susan English can’t stand Robin Lanford! She’s so full of herself she irritates everyone on the faculty of Fairfield High. When Robin bets Susan fifty dollars that she can’t get a date with Kurt Deveraux, the head football coach, Susan jumps at the chance to put the little heifer in her place. She had no idea that teaching Robin a lesson would irrevocably change her life, strain treasured friendships, and throw two families into chaos.

Last Week:
Kurt dropped a kiss on her hair. “Mmm, you smell like flowers.” A pause. “Why shouldn’t I be so close? I like holdin’ you.”

“Because of the way you make me feel.” Susan giggled. “I can’t stop laughing.”

“I don’ see a problem.”

When the dance ended, people started to leave. She glanced at her watch. How odd. She couldn’t see it very well. “It’s late, Kurt, and I hafta go to church ah...tomorrow.” She yawned. “I’m a member of the choir.”

“Let’s say bye to Jose.” 

This week:

Mendoza stood at the door saying goodbye to his departing guests. Just as they reached him and his wife, Kurt stumbled. He fell against Susan and sprawled onto a bale of hay covered with a clean tarp.

Mendoza hauled him to his feet. “I don’t think you should be driving tonight, Kurt. Maybe you had a little too much tequila.”

“I’ll drive,” Susan said with a bright smile.

“I think you don’t need to drive either,” Mendoza demurred. “Let us put you up for the night.”

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