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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, your chance to sample the work of a talented group of authors. When you finish here you can find more excerpts at:

We'll continue with out excerpts from Flood. I hope you're enjoying them because I really enjoyed writing the book. Flood was reviewed by RomCon Reviews. They gave it 5 stars, and in part they said,  It's the kind of story that stays with you because of the intensity of the circumstances and you remember the characters. You can read the rest of the review at

Drawn together by their love of animals, Aria De Luca and Caleb Hawkins burn for each other. They never suspected that malignant forces around them were successfully plotting Caleb’s ruin from the moment he entered her life. When the flood of a century strikes Aria’s hometown, an alienated Caleb is all that stands between her and catastrophic loss.

Last Week:
Anger spread across the woman’s face. “Some monster poured gas on her back and lit her up. By the time a good Samaritan brought her in, she was at death’s door. She lived but only by a miracle. Dr. Ballard, our staff doctor, knows his stuff, but it was all he could do to save her.”

Aria shivered. “Monster is the right word. Did they ever find out who did it?”

The receptionist shook her head. “No.” 

This week
“Anyone who’d do a thing like that doesn’t deserve to live,” Aria cried. “Don’t such people have a conscience? How could anyone take pleasure in causing pain for another living creature?”

Nobody responded because no one knew the answer and because Ed and Peaches arrived. Well, the paper hadn’t exaggerated when it said Peaches wasn’t pretty. She was a medium-sized animal, maybe fifty pounds with over-long legs, a dull, yellowish coat, a head that was a bit too big for her body, and a scarred back. Her ears were down; her eyes looked scared.

Aria slowly approached the pair. “Hello, Peaches.” She squatted down until she was on eye level with the dog. 


Teresa Cypher said...

Our state just toughened it's laws on animal abuse. You've done a good job of making me dislike the abuser--whomever it is!

P.T.Wyant said...

I personally think that anyone who tortures an animal should have the same torture inflicted on them.

Unknown said...

Cruelty to animals raises some very strong opinions - rightly. I don't think I could write about it as it would be too distressing. But excellent snippet.

Aurora Springer said...

It's good she's used to scared, and scarred, animals.

Veronica Scott said...

I'm sure they can help Peaches become a happier dog again though...a hopeful excerpt.

Ed Hoornaert said...

You've clearly developed a lot of sympathy for Peaches and outrage for the perpetrator.

ARHuelsenbeck said...

Poor baby!

Unknown said...

I'm a sucker for the unwanted/overlooked animals. You have me really hoping Peaches pulls through this!

Hywela Lyn said...

Poor Peaches. I'm sure this wasn't easy to write and kudos to you for raising awareness of the cruelty inflicted on innocent animals by so called humans. I'm another of those who wish the perpetrators of such cruelty would have a similar punishment inflicted on themselves - not as a just punishment (although it would be) but in order to deter similar acts - like all bullies, people who abuse animals are not so brave when it comes to bearing pain theselves!