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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors

Welcome to Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors, your chance to sample the work of a talented group of authors. When you finish here you can find more excerpts at

Drawn together by their love of animals, Aria De Luca and Caleb Hawkins burn for each other. They never suspected that malignant forces around them were successfully plotting Caleb’s ruin from the moment he entered her life. When the flood of a century strikes Aria’s hometown, an alienated Caleb is all that stands between her and catastrophic loss.

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Last Week:
"It's the way I'd feel," she assured him. She assessed him for a moment. “We have a girl out on maternity leave. Would you be interested in filling in here until she comes back? We’re looking at a six week time frame.”

Were vets and animal shelter directors all nice people, or had he gotten lucky to meet two women willing to give him a s econd chance? He should probably head on over to Greenville, but the prospect held little appeal. Peaches sighed and licked his hand again. “That sounds real good. When do you want me to start?” 

This week: I've skipped a few lines where Caleb agrees to start work the next day and picked up after he left the clinic.

Aria watched as Caleb shouldered his pack and walked down the driveway. She had offered to drive him to the motel, but he had turned her down, saying that after spending three years sitting in prison, he enjoyed walking. 

She didn’t know what she had expected, but whatever it was it didn’t fit Caleb Hawkins. The man could have been a male model, selling everything from designer clothes and jewelry to outdoor sports equipment. He stood about six one and didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. The way his muscles bulged when he picked up his pack had sent a thrill racing through her. His hair was dark, his eyes a deep blue shade that reminded her of the sky just as the sun set in the evening. 

Would she regret offering him a temporary position? Maybe, but probably not. Mel issa’s maternity leave would be up in six weeks so  he wouldn't be around forever.


Veronica Scott said...

Interesting snippet. I enjoy the way there are a lot of threads just under the surface that show the way to possible future plot developments. Skillfully done! Happy New Year!

Lyn said...

I agree with Veronica. Lots of possibilities here and makes for deeper reading. Nice job. And Happy New Year!

Jenna said...

I'm really enjoying this story. Nice of her to see beyond his prison record--and boy does she see a lot in him! Great descriptions. Happy New Year!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Intriguing snippet that makes me want to know more. Lots of possibilities...

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Well, he really caught her attention, didn't he? :)

Ed Hoornaert said...

It may only be six weeks, but I'm sure she realizes she is taking a chance.