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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Saturday Sample: Turnaround Farm

Welcome to Saturday Sample. Today I'm sharing an excerpt from my new release Turnaround Farm. Turnaround Farm is a Kindle Unlimited title available at

If up and coming realtor Holly Grant can buy Turnaround Farm for her client, her business will boom. Who says you have to have a man in your life to complete you? She’s fine as she is thank you very much. Her first problem is that Jeb Wakefield doesn’t want to sell his farm, and her second problem is Jeb’s grandson Dan, the finest looking man Holly’s ever seen. 

Last Week.
“It doesn’t matter. I’m too busy to take the time. Besides, a woman like that is too high maintenance for me to afford.”
Jeb patted the mare’s neck, and she bumped his chest with her nose. She’d always been an affectionate creature. “I have no idea why you’d think Miss Grant is high maintenance, but it doesn’t matter if she is or not. I’m not asking you to make a life-long commitment to her. Just take her to dinner or a movie. You really need to get out more. Your social life is nonexistent.”
This Week: We continue where we left off last week. Dan speaks first.


Ed Hoornaert said...

These arguments may be rational, but they don't strike me as the kind of things that will sway a grandson.

Teresa Cypher said...

Oh by. Dan isn't having it! :-)

Gramps will find a way to twist his arm. ;-)

Good snippet, Elaine. I like the setting of this story.