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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Snippet Sunday and Weekend Writing Warriors: Turnaround Farm

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If up and coming realtor Holly Grant can buy Turnaround Farm for her client, her business will boom. Who says you have to have a man in your life to complete you? She’s fine as she is thank you very much. Her first problem is that Jeb Wakefield doesn’t want to sell his farm, and her second problem is Jeb’s grandson Dan, the finest looking man Holly’s ever seen. 

Excerpt: Chapter One
Last week

“Nothing to offer? No, nothing except honor, kindness, and integrity wrapped up in one of the nicest packages anywhere.”

The sharp lines that had begun to insinuate themselves around Dan’s mouth in the last year or so deepened as a faint flush darkened his cheeks. “I don’t think most people would use the words honor and integrity in the same sentence as the name Wakefield.”

“In your case they’d be wrong, wouldn’t they?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m too busy to take the time. Besides, a woman like that is too high maintenance for me to afford.”
Jeb patted the mare’s neck, and she bumped his chest with her nose. She’d always been an affectionate creature.

This Week: We begin where we left off last week.  Jeb is speaking first.


Nancy Gideon said...

Nice teasing scene of family history! Love their talks You can feel their affection and frustration.

Botanist said...

Jeb has to be careful not to push too hard. Stubborn people will dig their heels in just on principle :)

Veronica Scott said...

And the backstory grows deeper...with mystery! Well done snippet and I can't wait for more details.

Ed Hoornaert said...

This passage paints a picture of a complicated young man. Nicely done.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

To have traits of someone you do not care for has to be difficult. And Gramps is right. He probably would not be thrilled to be reminded of such a trait.

I forgot to add my link. If you have a chance, I have my snippet up too. Karen's Shenanigans

Amy Braun said...

Yup they're a family all right. :D

Diane Burton said...

You snuck in an interesting detail there. Sneaky.