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Friday, June 18, 2010

National Flip Flop Day

Today is National Flip Flop day. Okay, you never heard of that? I wrote about the history of flip flops last year, so if you missed that post go back to June of last year, and you can read about it.

This year let me share some numbers with you. The following quote is taken from

To give perspective on the overall size of the flip-flop market: the US population is currently 296 million.9 If the bulk of flip-flop purchases are made by those between the ages of 5 and 50, this is roughly a consumer population of 200 million. Assuming that this group on average buys one pair of flip-flops every year (some own none; others purchase multiple pairs), this suggests a base annual US market of 200 million pairs. Since the US flip-flop market is estimated at $2 billion, this provides an average retail price of some $10 per pair, which seems reasonable and takes into account everything from $5 Wal-Mart specials to designer Gucci’s at over $200.

200 million pairs? $2 billion spent on flip flops? Wow, who knew?

Oh, the picture was taken when I went flip flop shopping with Kara (my granddaughter) and her friend Amber. Kara's on the left.