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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We're skipping Thursday Thirteen today in order to introduce you to Suzanne Brandyn. Suzanne lives on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, the east coast of Australia. Born in the country, raised in cities, she now lives amidst the peace and quiet of a small seaside town. In the warmer months of the year, you will find her walking along the beach or sitting under the shade of a palm tree. It is here she dreams her stories and moulds her characters toward that Happily Ever After.
‘Heat in the Outback’ is Suzanne’s first book with Eternal Press; she is also published by The Wild Rose Press.

Suzanne, thanks for stopping by. Let's talk.

1. How much of yourself are in your books?
I don’t use real experiences, but my emotion is there. I imagine how my characters would feel, I feel it as well, and then that emotion goes on the page.

2. What key elements keep you on track as a writer?
My love, desire and determination keeps me writing. It’s in my blood.

3. Who are some of your favorite authors? Who has influenced your writing the most?
Nora Roberts. I think her novels are fantastic. She tells a story with flow, a story that touches on issues that most women can relate.

4. What is the easiest part of writing?
I don’t think there is any easy part of writing. If I was to pick one I’d have to say writing the end. Lol… it is a fantastic feeling knowing you’ve completed another novel.

5. Would you share your links with us so that we can find you on the web?
I can be found at or both sites are updated regularly. I’m also on face book under Suzanne Brandyn.

6. Please tell us about your new book and share an excerpt with us.
‘Heat in the Outback’ - ‘usually what you’re searching for is right before your eyes.’
Most of us have regret in our life, either small or large. We also search in the wrong places. My heroine Sarah Munro has carried regret for such a long time. It is about her journey, and turning back the clock to try to grab hold of what she has lost.


“You wouldn’t understand, Ethan.” He let out a roar. “She gave us a smile that had our hearts stoppin’, I can tell you that.”

Ethan understood all right, more than he was willing to admit. His lips thinned. Not too many strangers resembled Sarah’s description.

So—had the love of his former life actually returned after ten years? As far as he was concerned, it was ten years too late. She’d probably be here for the day and then she’d disappear, just as quickly as the last time.

“That a fact.” It was the only comment he delivered before turning and walking toward his ute. He knew he’d have to face her sometime to let her know about Munro Station, to make it known he was now in charge. He climbed into his rundown ute thinking of what he was about to undertake. Ten kilometers to Munro Station, ten, and then he’d set eyes on the one woman who had incarcerated his heart.

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog tour. It's alway interesting to read about authors and how they work.

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  3. Robin, Just type the address in yourself, and it will take you there.