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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review Second Chance

Ryan is a young boy with autism who spent his life shunted from foster home to foster home. People don’t understand why he won’t look them in the eye. They don’t understand why he makes odd flapping motions with his arms and chews on his sleeve.

Chance is a shelter dog, a mixed breed whom nobody wants because he’s part Rottweiler and part German Sheppard. The people at the shelter say he’s ‘mouthy.’

The future doesn’t look especially bright for either of them until ‘Mom’ comes along and adopts both of them, giving them a chance for a happy, secure life.

I wanted to review this book because of my own grandson who has autism and because my heart bleeds for neglected, homeless animals. All of our animals are throwaways. (Three cats and a dog which is part German Sheppard like Chance.) I thought the book was well done as it shows how even those in need of a second chance can thrive in an atmosphere of love and permanency. It also shows the symbiotic relationship between a boy and his dog. The book won a PBS Recommended Title award.

Author Sandra Gerencher is well qualified to write the story because she’s telling the story of her own family. Sandra adopted both Ryan (whose real name is Terry) and Chance. The photos in the book are those of Sandra’s real life family. I especially liked the dedication of the book which reads:

I dedicate this book to my son Terry
The light of my life and my second chance.
And to anyone who has ever adopted a child or a shelter dog
and the ones who made my dream come true.
God bless you all.

I’d like to share a book video with you, and then I’ll post some links so you so you can read an excerpt and find out more about the book.

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Tribute Books said...

Elaine - what an absolutely beautiful review. I loved every word of it. Thank you for letting your heart shine through in your writing.

We are ever so grateful for your support of SECOND CHANCE. It is an honor to have you participate in the book's blog tour.

God bless you, your grandson and your shelter animals :)

Best wishes,
Tribute Books

Margaret West said...

Only we humans can help these poor animals, who are angelic messengers really. There to help us humans any way they can. Even when they suffer so horrible. Lovely review.

Adelle Laudan said...

Great review, Elaine. You're all sorts of wonderful.
What a heartwarming tribute.

Joanna Aislinn said...

Hi Elaine,

As an occupational therapist by day who works with her share of autistic children, I look forward to reading this book. Thanks so much for sharing this review.

Joanna Aislinn
Dream. Believe. Strive. Achieve!
The Wild Rose Press

Tribute Books said...

Margaret - I agree they are angelic messengers

Adelle - you're right, Elaine did a wonderful job

Joanna - I hope you enjoy the book - if you'd like to review it on your blog please don't hesitate to email me at