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Monday, April 11, 2011

Anne Albert's In The House

Anne Albert's here! Anne, thanks so much for stopping by. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

I married my best friend and high school sweetheart, and am blessed with one incredible daughter. I love to travel. I’ve had numerous jobs, but the one thing that’s remained a constant in my life is writing. It’s the one thing that keeps me focused, grounded, and more importantly, happy.

Spoken like a true writer. What did you hope to accomplish with your books?

All I’ve ever wanted to do is entertain the reader. If I can bring a tear to their eye and a smile to their face, well, that’s all the better!

What is the greatest test you ever faced as a writer?

I broke my wrist and didn’t write for months. Worse, I was unsure I ever would. That complete lack of desire to write terrified me. I’m so grateful it passed. Oh, and my wrist? It works. Definitely not as well as it did before the break, but it works. I’m grateful for that, too!

I'm glad for you too, Anne. What’s the best advice you ever got about the publishing industry?

A writer who’s name I can’t recall, said on a writer’s forum one day that if she submitted to one agent or publisher at a time as per their instructions, and then waited for a reply before she submitted to the next agent or publisher, she’d die an old lady and never achieve her dream of being published.

Up until that point, I’d always followed the ‘rules’. I’d also been waiting 18-months for a reply from an editor who’d requested my full manuscript. When I received the rejection letter a few weeks later, I vowed not to play that waiting game again.

So, I sent out multiple query letters, and received multiple requests. The day I signed the contract with my publisher I notified the other two houses who had my manuscript that I was withdrawing my submission. Both thanked me, and wished me all the best. The bottom line is I achieved my dream of being a published author…and I did it while I’m still breathing!

That's interesting. I gave that same advice to a friend just today! If you could meet two authors, which ones would you pick and why?

Mark Twain because of his wit. He said, “'Classic.' A book which people praise and don't read.” “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Robert Heinlein because he wrote the book that was the basis for my all time favorite movie, Puppet Masters. Plus, like Twain, he had a sense of humor. “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”

Good choices. Could you share your links with us?

Absolutely! My website:
My main blog:

We’d love to read an excerpt.

This is from the first chapter of DEFENDING GLORY (ISBN: 978-1-935407-95-9)

A warm breeze whooshed through the open office window, whipping the items Mac had pinned to a cork bulletin board on the wall opposite his desk. One photograph and accompanying article snipped from the local newspaper caught his attention. Written less than a year earlier to coincide with the grand opening of McKeown General Contracting, it told readers how as a young boy he had worked with his grandfather, a master tradesman in Minneapolis. Fond memories of their fishing trips to Piedmont Island spurred Mac to move north and open his own business.

He had felt so confident then. So certain he’d made the right decision. But with few construction projects on the horizon, and cash so tight he could not afford to paint his company’s name or phone number on the side of his truck to attract future clients, it was doubtful he’d still be in business by the end of summer.

Then what?

The buzzer inside his shop blared. A quick glance at the wall clock provided a spark of hope. 8:00 A.M. on the dot. Someone must need his services to come by so early in the morning. Reaching for his cane, he pushed himself up from the chair, and headed to the front of the building. A couple stood near the counter with their backs toward him.

“Good morning,” he said. “How may I help you?”

They turned to face him and his optimism fizzled. Although he did not recognize the woman, he was acquainted with the man. The pastor’s appearance inside his shop could mean only one thing. They had no desire to save his business. Their only concern was his soul.
* * *
To read more, click the buy link

Thank you so much, Elaine, for featuring me today. I’d like to pose a question to your readers. Everyone who leaves a comment (please choose either #1 or #2) will be entered in a draw to win an e-book copy of DEFENDING GLORY. I’ll notify the winner (selected at random) on or before April 19 and post it on my Piedmont Island Trilogy blog -

Now, here’s what I’d like to know…
1) As a reader, what one characteristic should a heroine possess?
2) What one characteristic do you find irresistible in a hero?


Anne K. Albert said...

Hi Elaine, Thanks so much for featuring me today!

JoanneTroppello said...

Sounds like a great book. The characteristic I most like to see in a heroine is perseverance. I like to see the heroine grow from the experiences she endures and have a fighting spirit that never gives up.

Sun Singer said...

A broken wrist definitely gets in the way of writing. I broke my hand while on a freelance job and had to learn to type a whole new way.


Anne K. Albert said...

I agree with the fighting spirit, Joanne. Never, ever give up works for characters and writers!

Anne K. Albert said...

It's amazing what we learn and manage to overcome, isn't it, Malcolm. It's fascinating to watch and experience...although I'd much rather watch!

Anonymous said...

A broken wrist?!? I would lose my mind. I'd have to buy that voice activated computer software that misunderstands everything you say but at least I'd be "writing". Congrats on a great interview, ladies.
Writer Wellness, A Writer's Path to Health and Creativity
Who Dares Wins Publishing

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Anne's a fantastic writer, and I'm honored she blogged for me.