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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Today's excerpt comes from The Welcome Inn.  Here's a blurb about the book.

Julianna can’t stand Buck Abercrombie!  He’s rude, chauvinistic, and exasperating, and he’s her new boss.  Why couldn’t the bank see that she’s done a good job cleaning up The Welcome Inn?  Why wouldn’t they loan her the money to buy the Inn?  Now Buck comes along and reaps the benefits of all her hard work.  Oh, and don’t forget his nasty, criminal brother Travis.  He works for Buck, and her friend Melanie has a crush on him!

And now for the sentences.

His voice lowered and became huskier. "No wonder poor Tim wanted to kiss you. I’ve wanted to taste those lips from the first time I saw you. So kiss me, Julianna. I’m sick of fighting it. It’s torture to be in the same room with you and not kiss you."

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Angela Quarles said...

mmm, yum!

Sherry Gloag said...

He knows what he wants doesn't he? :-)

Ute Carbone said...

Very nice Elaine. Love him.

Karysa Faire said...

I hope she's feeling it for him, too. Otherwise his words are just a bit creepy!!! But if she's feeling the torture, then, yum, yum. :-)

Christine Warner said...

Very sweet :) Great six!

JoAnn Ross said...

Gotta love a tortured hero!

Elaine Cantrell said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. Buck knows exactly what he wants, and so does Julianna. She wants Buck as much as he wants her.

diannehartsock said... kind of torture!