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Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome to Sweet Saturday Sample.  thank you so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy today's excerpt from A New Dream.  In this excerpt, my hero Matt and his brother have a conversation after Matt's first date with my heroine Violet.

Matt didn’t quite get his bedroom door closed before Chris showed up. He poked his head around the corner and demanded, “Did you kiss her?”

Matt scowled at him as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it in a basket at the foot of his bed. “Chris, that’s none of your business,” he protested, feeling warmth spread up his face.

“You did kiss her,” Chris declared, satisfaction oozing from his voice. He moved into the room and threw himself down on the bottom of Matt’s bed. “If you hadn’t kissed her, you’d oh so virtuously tell me so.”


“Is she the first since Stacey?”


“She must be the first. Way to go, bro. It’s about time you woke up and realized your life isn’t over.”


Chris picked up Matt’s Super Bowl ring that lay on the night stand beside the bed and slipped it on his finger. “That includes women too, Matt. Violet looked at you like you walk on water. Do you think you could be serious about her?”

Matt grabbed the ring and tossed it into a small wooden box on his dresser. “Chris…”

“I hope you won’t think I’m out of line, Matt, but I don’t think Violet’s the same kind of woman as Stacey.”


“I mean, Stacey didn’t have a problem sleeping with you, but I think Violet would. Pam’s family knows Violet’s family, and she said Violet’s father is real strict. He raised the girls to have high
moral standards.”


“You should think about getting married. You’re old enough, and you have a good job. If you got married you could move out of here. Just think about that.”


“But the best part of it would be that you’d have a woman to cuddle with at night. Don’t you miss female companionship?”

Matt sighed and sank down on the bed beside Chris. “Yes, but…”

“But nothing. You think about it, Matt. Violet’s beautiful, and you need a wife. You could do worse.”


“I’ve got to go to bed, Matt. I enjoyed our talk.”

Chris slammed the door behind him, leaving Matt with a smile on his face and a heart overflowing with laughter. “I enjoyed it too, Chris.”


Jennifer said...

Cute interaction between the brothers! I love that Violet stuck to her principles in this story.

Sherry Gloag said...

Oh I just love the way Matt doesn't get a chance to say anything. Wonderful.

Sandra Nachlinger said...

Great dialogue. The affection the two brothers have for one another comes through loud and clear. Good writing.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Ladies, thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it more than I can say.

Elaine Cantrell said...
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Unknown said...

Oh, my gosh, this is too funny! I can see that Chris is a match-making, good-hearted talker. And while Matt is frustrated, he's also appreciative of his brother's encouragement. And I agree with Jennifer -- I'm loving that Violet is sticking to her principles. Great sample!

Sarah said...

This is such a great scene! Heartwarming to see their exchange. I love how he smiles at the end. ;c)

Sarah Ballance

Lindsay said...

Interesting dialogue between brothers. Surprised Matt didn't throw Chris out on his ear

Patricia Kiyono said...

Nice. We find out a lot about Matt through someone else's eyes. And we learn a little about Violet, too.

Carrie-Anne said...

I loved the dialogue between the brothers.

Jean Joachim said...

I love that conversation. And I loved the book, too. Great post Elaine and my first smile of the day.