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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beyond the Book: Ross's Study

Isn’t it exciting to buy new furniture? Kara and Ross have some rooms to furnish. They added on to the farmhouse at Little Knoll, and now they need to furnish a study for Ross.  They looked around for a long time before they found something that both of them loved-a mid-century modern desk by Peter Lovig. (Source for desk is  As far as I know it’s still for sale.)

It’s absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it?  They’re going to touch up a couple of places, and when they do, they’ll have the desk they both dreamed of.  They needed a chair too.  Kara wanted a mid-century modern chair, but Ross said he spends a lot of time keeping records.  He wanted something new and comfortable.  This is the chair he finally bought.  He got it at

Kara doesn’t like it, but when Ross said it’s the most comfortable chair he’s ever had, she didn’t say a word.  She didn’t think his old study was anywhere near good enough for him.  Here’s a description of the old study from Her Kind of Man.  In this excerpt, Ross’s mother is showing Kara around the farmhouse.

“Ross probably ran to the barn for something,” Annie guessed. “Let me show you the house while he’s gone.”

 She showed Kara to what she guessed had once been a small bedroom. Someone, maybe Ross, had converted it into a study which Kara didn’t especially like.

 The computer desk was well designed with storage for CD’s and computer boxes, but it was made of pressed wood and covered in a brown laminate that vaguely resembled oak. A cheap bookcase and a battered old recliner occupied most of one wall. Ross had positioned a crooked floor lamp to shed light on the recliner.

Annie indicated the computer with a wave of her hand. “Ross has to keep a lot of herd records. Using a computer is easier than doing it by hand.”

Kara did admire the computer. “My computer isn’t as nice, but I don’t use it for work, so it doesn’t have to be.”

Readers, I think they’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of the desk and chair.  Mid century modern styles rock!

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