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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fashionista Friday: Rachel's Easter Dress

Welcome to Fashionista Friday!  Sunday is Easter Sunday, so Rachel my heroine in The Sentence bought herself a new dress to wear to church.  In case you haven’t noticed, Rachel is somewhat of a fashionista herself.  She admires Kate Middleton’s style, so she was thrilled when she found this dress which is similar to one Kate wore last year. 

The dress is sold by Belk.  It’s a part of their New Directions line. $65. How much does it resemble Kate’s dress?  Well, see for yourself.  I think it’s a nice interpretation of royal style. 

Shall we pick Rachel some shoes? I like these which are also from Belk.  They're KIm Rogers Eve sandal.  $30
A purse?  What about this?  Lauren by Ralph Lauren.  From Belk.  $298

 I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter holiday.  And now, here's a short excerpt from The Sentence.

Christina Dean jabbed Rachel with her elbow and whispered, “Stop staring at him.”
Rachel flushed, then frowned at Christina. Her father did not appreciate talking during his sermon. She pulled her church bulletin out of her Bible and wrote, Stop staring at who?
Clint Hayes.
I am not staring at him.
You are.
Rachel fixed her eyes on her father and ignored Christina who had a great imagination. Since she met Paul, she imagined romance everywhere. In this case she was mistaken. Rachel Amos had no interest in a drunk who burned down churches, thank you very much. She’d show Christian love to Clint by praying for him and treating him civilly. That was all. Nothing else. No more. Zip, zero, nada.
Her father had finished his message now, so they sang a hymn of invitation. A few people went down to pray, including Mrs. Jones. When she raised her head and tried to stand up, Rachel saw she was having trouble.
Rachel almost fell over when Clint hurried down front. He took Mrs. Jones' hand and elbow and helped her to her feet. She beamed at him as if he had given her a million dollars before she returned to her seat.
Show off.

If you'd like to read the prologue and the entire first chapter of The Sentence, scroll down to the release party I had on Tuesday. 

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