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Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Don't you love it when you get nice surprises?  Well, I got one today.  I got a tweet telling me that I have a new release.  I wasn't expecting it just yet, so it was a big surprise to me.  The title of the book is Her Kind of Man, and it's so new it hasn't even been uploaded to retail sites like Amazon.  If you'd like to read it over the weekend you can get it from the publisher at

Okay, you know today's excerpt is from Her Kind of Man, right?  In this excerpt Kara is my heroine, kelly and Katie are her sisters, and Brandon is Kara's fiance.

Here's a blurb:

Is it possible she’s finally found Her Kind of Man?
Ross Williams has been in love with Kara Cochrane since they were kids so when Kara's fiancĂ© Brandon Miles cheats on her and calls off their wedding—Ross steps in to rescue the damsel in distress.

A heartbroken Kara just wants to get on with her life and hunky Ross provides her with a definite distraction—that is until she starts falling him. Big time.

But a devastating family secret threatens to destroy everything that Kara holds dear—including her relationship with Ross.

And now here's the excerpt:

“What a great movie!” Kara gushed as she and Katie left the theater. She tossed her empty popcorn box and leftover soda into the trash can by the door. “Mama and Daddy will want to see it too.”

Katie blew her nose and dabbed at her eyes. “I know. It was  too sad for words.”

 As they left the theater and crossed the parking lot, Katie turned her head at the sound of a car door slamming.“Why, there’s Kelly and Brandon.”

Kara looked in the direction of Katie’s pointing finger. “Great! They can….” Her voice trailed off as Kelly moved into Brandon’s passionate embrace!

“What…?” Kara’s words choked her as Brandon buried his hands in Kelly’s hair and kissed her as if he held the world’s greatest treasure in his arms.

Katie grabbed her arm. “Come on. We’re getting to the bottom of this.”

Kara dragged her feet as Katie towed her across the parking lot. “Katie, maybe….”

“What’s wrong with you?” Katie glared over her shoulder. “Hurry up!”

Kelly and Brandon were still wrapped around each other when Katie and Kara reached them.

“Kelly! ” Katie exclaimed. What do you think you’re doing?”

Kelly jerked away from Brandon so fast  she stumbled and had to grab his arm to keep her balance. Even in the dim light in the parking lot Kara saw her sister’s face had gone scarlet as had Brandon’s.

Kara didn’t say anything. She couldn’t. 

Kelly flinched as Brandon took her hand and squeezed it. “I’m sorry, Kara. We never meant for you to find out this way.”

“What were you going to do?” Katie demanded with a wave of her hand.  “Leave her at the altar?”

“No,” Kelly replied. Her eyes glittered like two burning blue coals.  “We planned to tell her tomorrow night. We wanted her to have the weekend off to…to…to get used to things.”

Brandon looked Kara directly in the face for the first time. “I’m sorry, Kara. You have to know I never meant to hurt you, but I can’t marry you if I’m in love with your sister.”


Sandy Nachlinger said...

Wow! What a terrible way to find out your fiance is in love with your sister. Great premise with the promise of plenty of conflict. I'm looking forward to reading this story.

Jean said...

Wow, in love with her sister. Great beginning, Elaine. Good luck with your new release. This sounds like a winner. Will have to put it on my tbr pile.

J. Gunnar Grey said...

Oh, man, what a twist. Congrats on the new release!

Lindsay said...

Talk about a slap in the face.

Carrie-Anne said...

What a couple of snakes she's found herself among!